Delivering The Future Of Execution Streamlining

At Workboard we’re focused on developing a platform that aligns your organization’s executions and strategies to increase your business velocity. Most of the top executives and senior level managers rely on us because when you put your executions and goals in Workboard it not only benefits from effortless collaboration and data availability across the organization, it also helps in achieving expected outcomes with feedback and employee engagement.

To have a seamless data flow from external platforms, we offer integration with external sources. Further on this ground and to make it more lucid, we introduced connectors (Webhooks) in a recent release. Webhooks are great resources when it comes to connecting two web platform irrespective of their heterogeneity and hooks are supported by all the modern cloud platforms as they work on HTTP calls.

Why we decided to build connectors -

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” — Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

With our execution framework, we help you to structure your data to turn into information and that information provides you insight through our goal platform. The challenge is mining the execution data from different platforms with minimal manual intervention.

With the help of connectors, we are minimizing the intervention and bringing the platforms together.

Can we do that without connectors ?

Yes, we are already helping our customers with our REST APIs where developers can build a custom workflow to update data in Workboard using the APIs. Stay tuned for our public announcement related with APIs.

How can we do that with connectors ?

Well, you copy, paste and save! is that it ? Yes :-)

Yes, with connectors, it is that simple. You choose a connector or build your own in few lines and we will start streamlining your data into Workboard.

An example — Salesforce connector

Let’s have a look at Salesforce connector as an example to understand how it works but first allow me to introduce Ms. Gamma (fictitious!), a senior sales manager from ABCD Company (fictitious!). Ms. Gamma has defined one of her sales goal in Workboard and her sales executives are using Salesforce to create and manage opportunities. Once there is an opportunity, Ms. Gamma needs to update the sales’ goal in Workboard.


As a Workboard user, Ms. Gamma loves our platform as it helps her to be engaged and successful but to get the data, she needs to access her Salesforce account.


Let’s bid Ms. Gamma adieu as the problem Ms. Gamma brought up, is not a unique problem and anyone would face if the execution is not centralized, data points are scattered and traditional ways of maintaining OKRs are still in practice.

With the help of Salesforce connector, you can update your goal when there is an event change (opportunity creation, incident creation etc-) in Salesforce. To trigger an event change notification from Salesforce, you can use Salesforce APEX callout.

Let’s see how many steps, we need to perform for a metric update in Workboard with an event change in Salesforce.

The places that you need to visit Workboard and Salesforce APEX callout
  1. Go to your Workboard account (That you’re probably already logged in)
  2. Go to your Salesforce account (That you don’t mind to login one more time)
  3. Copy a unique URL, instructed under your account. We provide a detailed illustration of this process with other examples.
  4. Set this URL as your HTTP endpoint and save your callout. Know more about callout
  5. And Done!
It is done in 5 steps, No Wait! actually, it is done in 2 steps (copy + paste), isn’t it ? :-)

We have other pre-built connectors to streamline your Microsoft excel update, Google spreadsheet update, connectors’ customization and many more. To know more about this, go to your Workboard account.

But we’re just getting started in this space and that’s where the platform integration will help. We are putting our continuous effort to yield the greatest platform that will converge the data from different platforms to provide insight.

As I once said, we have a lot of great things to share, Stay Tuned!

PS: This space is not Workboard’s official blog[here is the link], it’s just me, feeling proud about the stuff that we do at Workboard.

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