Un-nerving Love

It was 11:30 p.m. Raghav lay on his bed with his phone beside him waiting for the sound reserved for Sara’s texts. He had firmly decided not to text her first but now his feelings seemed to be overpowering his ego. Was it really ego? Maybe he was just afraid that he might be pestering her with his texts. After all, however good it seemed to be going, it was a newfound friendship and he had always been the one to kick off the nice, friendly, occasionally flirtatious chat sessions. The conversations had always been equally proportioned but was she just being polite? Even if she was into it, he didn’t want to come across as a needy lover who had nothing to do except texting her.

No text.

Raghav looked at her chat-box saying online and felt hopeful but then, it was the way it had been for last 2 hours. He read her status for the tenth time that day with his as many interpretations — thinking if it was related to him in any way.

He dreamt of taking Sara to the beach - walking together bare foot. Everything was perfect when suddenly power was out and he woke up to be greeted by complete darkness. He grabbed his phone and checked. It was 
1 o’clock and she had slept without any text. He wished to hear her complaining of the power cut from the other side but it did not happen. He opened the windows to let the cool breeze in, listened to some sad songs and drank alcohol - all adding to the mood. He slept.

He woke up. He was happy to see her text “Hey, any plans for today?” and replied, asking her to go to the beach together. He was on cloud 9. He took all his time deciding his outfit for the moment he had been waiting for so many years — a moment where he won’t be alone, physically and emotionally.

They sat together in the Sun, later they moved into water, splashing it over each other, always moving deeper into the sea. Sara was ahead of him and he followed her, unwary of the deep waters when suddenly everything changed. A slip of foot and everything went dark as huge volumes of water swallowed him. He tried to move but The Arabian had made him numb. He cried, with water flooding his lungs. He passed off with Sara’s final image in his mind.

The tide washed off his body ashore. The police couldn’t find any contacts — parents died during childhood and no close friends ever since. When they reached his home, all they could find in that hell-hole were packets of white powders, their immaculate arrangements on table, liquor bottles and walls crowded with pictures and paintings of a girl whose name had been spray painted everywhere — SARA. Being the only they knew about, the police tried to find this girl but they never could.

How could they when she never ever existed!

Enjoying the company or contemplating his suicide?