Can’t find Passion???

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
- Aristotle

Passion is nothing but what you used to do in past for long period.

When you were kid; at that time your slate was clear so whatever you learnt at that time those things, skills appear to be natural, inborn, genetic, etc.

The things you can do better, you love them and the things you love, with time you can do them better. Anything of above 2 things can happen first.

So no need to paralyze ourselves by thinking we don’t know our passion. We don’t know our passion because we haven’t done anything to deep extent.

If you have read lot of blogs about finding passion like me you must be familiar with the questions they ask you to ask yourselves. Questions are what are your interests? what you do better? etc. etc. What does this mean? This mean whatever vision, dream you have about your future life start following it. Skills required to fulfill it you can learn on the way. And once you get the skills it becomes your passion. period.

Passion is like love. You don’t know whom you love most (read what is your passion). You like somebody. You go for date with them (Try, First Step). Then second date, propose, if you continue to like each other you find your soul-mate and within blink of eye you are in Love.

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