Generation App — That obsession with digital data

You talk to your parents and hear about the stories of ‘then’ and ‘now’ and wonder how much things have changed. You talk about the time of letters and ‘trunk calls’ and then you compare it with the ease of having emails, mobile phones and Whats-app at your finger tips. Look closely. Forget about parent’s generation. Things have changed more in last one and a half decade than ever! I remember the time when I used to have a group of friends waiting for me outside my home to go to the nearest park and play cricket. Or to cycle. Then I see young children around me these days who are perfectly content and happy sitting in front of TV looking at the cartoons. Or playing video games. No one is keen on giving any physical push to their bodies. No one wants to make real friends. Everyone is happy making 500 friends on Facebook. Strange age we are in.

I can safely call my generation as well as the upcoming ones as “Mobile generation or Generation App”. I had a glance through my tram while travelling to office this morning. Out of 20 people, only a group of 3 friends was the one who were not fidgeting with their mobile phones. Rest all were glued to their devices. We are the sms generation where ‘v luv 2 rite lyk tis. We are not just losing our command over writing, I think slowly but surely we are losing the art of communication as well. An entire generation of children is growing up around us thinking that it’s perfectly fine to sit next to each other for hours without sharing a word while fidgeting with your mobile and taking selfies (Yeah, that obsession with yourself).

For everything there is an app. Hundreds of thousands of those. You want to keep a track of expenses, there are apps. You want to keep a track of your calories, there are apps. What to see, what to do, what to watch, how to live, how not to live, for everything there are apps. And there you are. Downloading them wholeheartedly, spending hours keying in data in those apps and then analyzing the weird stats and graphs that app provides. We have stopped living, in our quest to capture and share and analyze the random data.

We are busy. All of us are. In accumulating and producing more and more of digital waste. I want to click 5 pictures of every pillar and road from at least 3 different angles. I want to log each and every step that I take during the day. I want to log every biscuit I eat and every chip I munch. I feel I am in control. Reality is, app is controlling you. Not sure where it is going to stop. I am culprit myself. I don’t think if I look enough at the beauty of sky and hear the sounds of birds. I am not sure if I observe little plants and beautiful flowers around me. I am busy. Busy inputting data, clicking pictures and sharing everything with the world. The world, which is in turn busy essentially doing the same. There is no end in sight. Things are going to get worse. People have started talking about taking a digital sabbatical once a while. I would not wonder if 10 years from now, taking a digital sabbatical a day in a week doesn’t become a norm. To give your brains much needed rest. So that you can refresh yourself. So that for next 6 days, you can collect more and more of digital junk.

So what is the takeaway for me from the above rant? I will cut down on the time that I spend on mobile. I usually don’t get many calls on my phone. I can easily cut down on the time I spend staring at the screen. Less of twitter time. Less of Facebook time. Less of apps. Less of digital waste. Conserve energy. See places. See things. Appreciate things. Talk to people. Communicate more. Be conscious of things around you. Conscious of the nature. Be in the present. LIVE

Have a good day!

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