FoodPanda Review

App Basics

Platform : Android

Downloads: 5Million +

Avg User Rating : 3.9

Issues Identified at First Time Use

Technical Issues:

· Crappy Loading of General Configuration Messages.

· Order from Multiple Restaurants Not Available

· Dish Reviews Not Available

· Addresses can’t be deleted from Address Book: A user can order at his Office, Client location, Home, Friends house,etc. This piles on the list, compilation of irrelevant addresses.

UX Issues:

1. No Coach Screens: Understandably, they don’t need to explain how to order but few of their icons could have been explained such as: Card Icon, % Symbol.

2. Minimum Order For Delivery Not On SRP, not even on the Restaurant Details Page: Cumbersome after you select a restaurant, select meals, and then you get to know Minimum Order For Delivery.

3. Downloading Restaurant Message after selecting a restaurant: It kinds of limits me, triggering a sense of Data Consumed Anxiety

4. Search is Outdated : They only allow users to search for restaurants, I would prefer weightage on cuisine or Dishes.

5. Reviews are not useful, not informative on various fronts: delivery, quality, portion size.

6. Delivery Fee Not Mentioned Upfront: Same as for MOD, should be on SRP or on Restaurant Listing.

7. Budget Listing Not Available: A user will be reluctant to pay huge amount unless its Pizza,etc. She would prefer to go to restaurant and eat there. As food delivered does not matches the quality if eaten freshly cooked at the restaurant.

8. Payments Accepted: Cash, Online, Upfront on SRP, most of the restaurants don’t accept Cash. But a user only gets to know when he is onto Payment

9. Shortlisting of an Order: Food Ordering is confusing at times with so much of options to choose from. Currently, Food Panda has Single Way flow: User Selects a restaurant choose dish, pay. User might want to consider 2–3 restaurants, before making the final call, but they have to go to the entire process after selecting the final restaurant.

Operational Issues:

1. Once the order is placed, there is no option to request for modification of order.

2. The counter is just a mere time clock pointing to the time elapsed since the order was placed. It doesn’t relate to useful info regarding the order.

3. There is no option to contact the FP team or the Restaurant in case of No Show or Late Delivery.


Interview of 4 people from diverse background was conducted. These all 4 were regular users of FoodPanda.

Interviewee Profile

Questions Asked

· What do you prefer Online or Eating at the Restaurant

· When do you order from FoodPanda?

· Is the quality of food delivered satisfactory

· Are you satisfied with timings of the deliveries?

· What according to you is important (in ranking order) On Time Delivery, Discounted Meals, Quality of Meal Delivered?

· How important are reading reviews before ordering for you, are you satisfied with current reviews on FoodPanda?

· Are you satisfied with the Payments mode available and transactions made on FoodPanda?

· What do you like about the complete ordering experience?

· What are additional challenges you face while ordering from FoodPanda?

· What are your suggestions to improve your overall experience?

Analysis Of The Interview

1- Users interviewed were of the same belief that they would prefer to eat at the restaurant as the quality delivered is not at par with what they get at restaurant.

2- Main reason to Order Online was to save the hassle to dress up, get ready and go the restaurant.

3- Consistent pain point was late deliveries of the order and unable to talk to the concerned people in case of late or cancelled deliveries.

4- Most Important criteria for placing an Order, rankings start from top to bottom, On Time Delivery, Quality, Discounted Meals.

5- Minimum Delivery Amount is a constraint at times, since they order mostly when alone and hence can’t order too much.

6- Users tend to read reviews if they are ordering from a new restaurant, currently FoodPanda offers just Star ratings, the comments are mostly filled by people who were not happy with the service.

7- Users feel the App has quite limitations, such as while switching restaurants , food items selected are not saved.

Feedback From Google Play Store


· Food Delivered Late

· If an Order is Delayed, User Cant cancel the Order without contacting the support.

· No benefit to Loyal Costumers

· Items Unavailable make it to the List

· No Direct HotLine: Chat does not works

· No Instant Money Refunds

· Bad Customer Care


· Payment Failures

· Food Not Delivered But Shown Delivered

· Coupons Once Applied, in case of cancellations, can’t be applied again

· Few Payment Wallets


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