The ineffable moment

The drift between what man aspires for and his actual state compels one to think along fantastic lines of imagination, making bold plans to forge ahead with ideas and formulations that conform to a distant but ‘settled’ picture of himself as a dying man, at long last, quenched of his thirst for water. Yet, perhaps, behind all the grandiose schemes lies an intrinsic mistake of taking the present position for granted, to merely withstand its presence as an evanescent dew drop vanishing on the periphery of the isolated leaflet.

For, there is not something inherently wrong with the idea of dreaming. Perhaps, it is one of the greatest gifts of man to think beyond his present, helpless circumstance of being an outsider to his fait accompli, waiting for the tides of time to abate and follow along into the abyss of his partaken ‘destiny’. But the mistaken identity of ‘merely another event/space in time’ prescribed to the present moment behind the facade of dreaming a glorified persona can be better re-categorized as the only time one really has, and hence, the need to slow down one’s reactions into dignified responses in tandem with the prevailing circumstance of time, cannot be ignored.

Perhaps, the idea that the present moment is a momentary fib in one’s imagination, of not much value and the consequent need to latch onto a progressive ‘self’ in the distant land of the successful future is a mistaken ideal that results from our need to ascribe worth to linguistic paradigms that are merely symbols reflecting the actual substance more than they, in reality, deserve. A good alternative would be to live fully the present situation, not in reward for a futuristic better self but to remind ourselves that the present moment is all we have, and thereby, to live each moment without the least semblance of regret, for having tasted the simplicity and beauty of the said time, would be to find oneself immersed in the land of what the mystics and the ancients dabble as the Eternal, the Tao and Brahman.

This notion runs contrary to the the well established or rather entrenched values assorted to time and money, so much so that now one finds himself in a quandary where ‘time itself is equated with money’ not in the metaphorical and abstract sense but in a quite literal way of management machinations. Or perhaps, where time loses its hold upon the psyche, we would not be pushed around by the cosmetic schemes of harping onto goods and materials as the rasion d’etre, of grabbing onto notions of better living with more and more of the pilferage of material objects into the cabinet of ones living area. Perhaps we could all stop for a moment and cherish what really matters in our lives; that we are miraculously alive and breathing and able to communicate with people who are authentic, true, those that strike a chord with the inner recesses of our being.

We could live behind the rubbish of scheming behind and projecting unverifiable phantasms upon an unknown future that surely recedes when we rush to grasp it, as if it were a mirage, in the desert hole of the time called future. All our anxieties would be relinquished, burnt to the sacred forest fire of wisdom, which invariably requires, as a corollary, to loosen the strings of control, like a freak suddenly banished from its leash. No one would be sitting seemingly idle but writhing and fidgeting with hopes and anxieties about the future but could simply welcome in the tidings of the present moment as if it were mysterious guest holding candid-e presents for all without comprising with anyone on the to do list.

It would be the sigh of relief that comes from a long wrangling question having settled down of its own sweet disposition by the mere fact of observing and finding a-way from the psychological need for fixing things into patterns and definable limits despite the fact that such means can be accorded to when the time and need so requires but without having the urgency of not resisting its serpentine charms.

It is the moment we recall in wonder….Aha!



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Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

An eccentric enthusiast, I relish the ordinariness of simple things.