Influencer Marketing: A closer look into Indian Market.

Gaurav Singh Bisen

We have been hearing a lot of buzz around bloggers, influencers, YouTubers and there is no question that the definition of marketing has changed in the generation of millennials or rather the Gen “Z”.

Late 90’s and 2000’s were all about print & digital media but if we take a closer look from 2016 & onwards, its no longer the era of celebrity endorsements rather, its all about the new term Influencers. Yes! you heard me right. In a very simplistic manner if we try to understand who actually an influencer is, “its any person/individual who persuades you on your preferences & choices in your daily life can surely be called an influencer.” That’s how I would like to define this hyped word in marketing. To understand its potential in India, when I Google about influencers or influencer marketing in Indian context, there is not much written about it. I think its high time we dig a bit deeper about influencer marketing in Indian context.

Influencer marketing in India:

Before going further, lets look at the social media potential for brands & advertisers in India:

Social Media Reach & Demographics in India for Marketing
Facebook || Twitter || Instagram Audience Reach in India

If you are a brand/advertiser or a marketeer exploring the world influencer marketing, below data is one of the strong validations to add influencer marketing in your to-do lists for acquiring new users or increase sales/revenue for the startup/company/brand.

Influencer Marketing in India

Influencer Marketing channels in India:

In my opinion, deciding which channel will be most effective to get the best ROI is dependent upon the kind of brand & market you cater to. Below is the industry split who are using influencer marketing as one of their core marketing channels for sales & promotions.


The above split of industries & channels is globally applicable but if we look extensively at the Indian context, fashion & beauty brands leads the highest amount of engagement and remaining all falls in the other category.

2019 - Influencer Marketing Trends:

2019 onwards, brands focusing in Indian market have started considering that influencers (preferably micro) help in expanding the exposure of the product/service and can substantially impact brand recall & recognition. Today consumers can differentiate between a paid brand integration and a personal recommendation. In 2018 & onwards brands will become more sophisticated with the data around influencer marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing Report Data (2019)

Who is going to empower the influencer marketing from 2019 onwards?

Globally we have seen the trend that micro influencers (typically have over 10,000 to 50,000 followers) are turning out to be a more powerful resource rather than macro influencers, but currently, I’ve noticed that brands in India are still focussed on macro influencers (typically have over 50,000 followers)

Channels in India for Influencer marketing from 2019 onwards:

We all have seen the potential of Instagram and Facebook for influencer marketing but one of the channel bubble is yet to explode in India. Whats that? The answer is YouTube.

Talking about consumers,YouTube is watched by 80% internet users in India with 225 MAU. “We now have more than 300 channels with over a million subscribers, from just 16 channels in 2014. We will continue to invest in programmes to support creators, and encourage more diversity and distribution of their content,”Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube.

YouTube has also expanded its Fan-fest to 5 cities in India. The festival is an annual event where creators and fans come together for an offline engagement. “Company has also set up pop-up studios in cities like Hyderabad to aid content creators in their journey of production to uploading of content. Youtube spaces are available in over 10 global locations.”Satya Raghavan, Entertainment Head, YouTube India

All that being said, lets see how the influencer marketing trend takes a shift from 2019 onwards. I will be elaborating more on influencer marketing in my future articles. I hope this was insightful. If you need any help in influencer marketing insights & campaigns hit the link below to get in touch:


Influencer Marketing Report 2018 || Micro-Influencers Report || Starngage

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