3 Mistakes of your life

The mistakes which are costing you your dreams & success.

We are human beings & all humans make mistakes throughout their life. In fact mistakes are the best way to learn. I make a lot of new mistakes everyday. Did you notice that between lot & mistakes I cleverly slighted the new ? That’s the secret. Sure go ahead & make a lot of mistakes but never repeat them. Quickly learn from your mistakes.

You want to grow, succeed & become rich. There are mistakes which will happen & are inevitable on your way to success. But there are mistakes which you should avoid at all cost. These mistakes are costing you a fortune. Let’s see what are the 3 big mistakes of your life.

1. Not being serious about the things that matter

Life is a lottery my friends. Technically speaking, the chances of you being a human out of anything else is 1 in 400 trillion. Do you even realize how big of a number is that? If you are alive, you have already won the lottery of life. Instead of such rarity, we are often very casual & ignorant of this fact.

Life, dreams, passion, creativity & to leave a mark on this world are deep desires which we all share universally. Yet somehow we tend to ignore these inner callings & never being serious about them. This ignorance is the major source all the failures & this big mistake will cause you nothing but a deep regret later in your life.

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2. Being serious about the things that do not matter

You are far too concerned for what happens in the daily life. What’s happening on social media matters more than what’s happening with your soul. What people think of you matters more to you than what actually you think of yourself. Other’s approval matters more than your own heart’s voice.

You are far too serious about the things which don’t even matter in the long run. People will always have to say something. You can’t get everyone’s approval. You are simply wasting your time being too serious about things that you shouldn’t be thinking about at all. This is a fatal mistake which will not only cost you success but eventually will cost you your life.

3. Not playing the long game

Far too many people think about tomorrow and not about a decade later. That’s why most people struggle to sort out their stuff entire life & are never successful. Things will always keep changing and you will never find your feet on ground if you keep changing your direction based on temporary conditions.

I personally never think or take any decision based on temporary circumstances. If you want to make your mark, if you want to leave a legacy, you need to think & plan for the long term. Only those who play the long game, win the real game. Most efforts, strategies, investments don’t yield in the short term but they produce fortunes in the long term.

Famous visionary Elon Musk had a plan for his electric car company Tesla in 2006, which looked like this:

  1. Build sports car
  2. Use that money to build an affordable car
  3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car
  4. While doing above, also provide zero-emission electric power generation options

A decade later in 2017 he has actualized this major plan and put Tesla as a global brand. He wouldn’t be able to have such a massive success if he didn’t have a long term plan.

Success is not just doing the right things, it is also avoiding the wrong things

We dream a lot, think a lot & wish a lot that we will do every possible thing to be successful & yet somehow are not able to do so. The reason, all the good efforts are outdone by some basic serious mistake which in reality are very fatal to life & success. It’s not just enough to do good, it’s also important to avoid bad which can be avoided. Life mostly is in our control & we can avoid such mistakes. If you can avoid these 3 big mistakes of your life, you deserve all the success in the world.

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