Come September 🍂

Sometimes I like to associate September with many new starts that it has brought in my life. Friendships, new hot drinks at my favourite coffee place and new feelings.

I have learnt that trees do not die when the weather turns cooler/colder in September. The falling of leaves is what helps the trees survive through a bitter cold winter. It seals the places where leaves would grow in order to skip the game of death. So maybe, people are that way too; closing up and thinking it is the end, but it is not.

Change isn’t bad. Change is the falling of leaves, slowly touching the ground. And between those shades of green and yellow and brown is a voice calling your name. You may not wish to make a mess but you’ll end up with a smile the moment you jump in. This is what the change is all about.

I think I have fallen in love with September because of the way it is the beginning of the change, or the end of it. I am welcomed in the arms of coloured leaves and Autumn breezes and I have never felt more in place.

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