An Article on Transportation of Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Almaty, the beautiful capital of Kazakhstan, If you wanted to visit Almaty i would suggest you the means of transportation you might be interested in. It has so much to see, Mountains, Lakes, Museums and Monuments etc. Almaty Nightlife famous among young visitors. I’ll provides you with various transportation facilities. All the beautiful things that it offers for different kinds of budgets.

Almaty Metro

Train Map of Almaty Metro

The Almaty metro is relatively new, but this way of commute can be of great use making travel cheap and convenient for the locals as well tourists.
Above there is an image of the routes it takes and the destinations it covers. The metro stations are beautiful with murals and this transportation facility is a clean and fast one with trains arriving every ten minutes!
Tickets cost 80 Tenge (15p) making it incredibly cheap!

Bus, Tram and Trolley-Bus

Trolley-bus of Almaty

There is road transportation such as trolleybuses, trams and buses which is very cheap and can connect you locally almost anywhere. However they can be crowded and if you have a lot of baggage, it is better to avoid this transportation.

Buses and trains can also take you to nearby cities like Moscow, Bishkek and Sayran terminal at very cheap prices.

For Bishkek, you can get a ride on for 1300 Tenge where the bus will stop for food and to use the loo.


Taxi’s in Almaty

All in all, transportation in Almaty is cheap and convenient for all budget types which will not get in the way of your visit to this mesmerizing destination. Taxi's are good, budgeted and you can enjoy ride, just hire a local taxi make your travel convenient and discrete.