Young Gates : Kids Online Programming Classes

We know how we feel when our children asking us questions about how everything is working. We can understand the incredible feelings that parents have when they teach and show something to their children. For such curious minds, kids online programming classes are essential.

There are children all over the world who are learning how to program. Today we want to go even further and as a complement to our advice and recommendations to learn e-learning programming for kids that are 10 years to 16 years old.

Here we will show you how to start a child in programming.

Tools and software have been modernized to this new stage of programming and with all this methodology and proposals must also adapt to the teaching of this new subject.

A look back:

Not many years ago the field of programming was exclusive to the most professional world. The computer science and before exiting the computer science like so, the mathematicians and the physicists were in charge to deal with the computers to create the programs to which soon other workers took advantage.

Today, the times have changed and society has adapted to them. The first uses of programming as an educational tool go back to the 60s and 70s with LOGO, a language that was characterized by the possibilities of creating small drawings and routes through simple commands, programming instructions, about a turtle.

What programming brings to a child?

The journey in the past is clear. First, the small glimpses that programming could be more than a professional tool and over the years, in the end, have emerged multiple initiatives that strengthen the subject in education, both within the official curricula as in courses, workshops, and other external activities.

But why learn to program?

We all agree that computational thinking is the key concept of this subject. It is the way of thinking of learning to solve problems and create algorithms and solutions. Computer scientists are clear about what this concept is that allows us, for example, to have a problem of some magnitude in front of us and to know how to divide it and solve each of the parties, generalizing this solution.

In this way, coding classes for kids will allow your kids to think outside of the box.