Today we look at Binomial distribution and correlate some of the stuff that Gabrek and Erica are doing. The first part is the formal defination and later on we start with the example.

1. Binomial Distribution:

A binomial distribution can be thought of as simply the probability of a SUCCESS or FAILURE outcome in an experiment or survey that is repeated multiple times. The binomial is a type of distribution that has two possible outcomes (the prefix “bi” means two, or twice). …

Well .. I am not a good writer, but was in my office one evening and suddenly got this weird idea of correlating the conditional probability with one-sided love. I was thinking about relationships and I got this idea of explaining conditional probability.

It’s a small story of two people meeting for coffee. They speak and instantly like each other. But it is easier said than done. Our protagonist is a guy named Gabrek and our hero’s love interest is Erica. Both have good chemistry, both are well-advanced in their studies and carrier. But Erica wants more in life.

Let’s get started with this and define our events. …

Tensorflow platform has grown up to become a very stable and reliable production level resource. Doing so, it released TensorflowJS and Tensorflow for Mobile which are in constant upgradation. While browsing through the GIT repositories, I stumbled upon a project called tensorflow-open_nsfw, originally ripped from implementation by Yahoo name open_nsfw, which performs absolutely fantastic on providing NSFW score.

You’ll must be thinking what is NSFW. We in simple terms, NSFW means not suitable/safe for work, including offensive and adult images (pornographic content included), is an important problem which many companies were trying to solve. …


Gaurish Thakkar

Data Science Tutee

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