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Article Highlights:

  • AI technologies working behind the scenes are giving online retailers incredible new advantages
  • Machine learning gives retailers the ability to predict what customers will buy weeks in advance as well as to adapt in seconds based in the face of unexpected events
  • Flagging fraudulent behaviour before it happens is finally possible thanks to AI’s predictive powers
  • Making pick and pack procedures faster and more affordable is simple with AI-powered tools

Packages delivered by drones and customer experiences tailored by AI sales associates are often what come to mind when you bring up the latest, greatest, and most exciting advances in AI for eCommerce. …

The Key to Survival for the Construction Industry in the Post COVID-19 World

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Article Highlights:

  • AI offers unique opportunities for the construction industry to remain profitable, productive, and safe in the post-pandemic era
  • Augmented Reality (AR) opens up contactless ways for architects, builders, and contractors to collaborate
  • Computer vision and robotics reveal better methods to monitor worksites, move equipment, track temperatures, and share data while keeping a social distance
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes working together while being physically apart easier and more efficient than ever before

Smart data-fueled technology is no longer just a novel option in the post-pandemic era. As we reopen our economy while also bracing for the second wave, AI-informed technologies have become an absolute necessity to cultivate the contactless, safe workspaces we need to succeed. …

Ready, set, prepare!

Part 2 of a 2 part series on AI for insurance and other high volume data businesses. To check out Part 1, please click here.

These unprecedented times amplify the need for companies to stay agile enough to adapt their strategy at the drop of a hat. AI offers the type of precise data-crunching tools that give businesses the up-to-the-moment insights they need to make smart decisions, no matter what the world throws their way.

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These insights are especially helpful for industries that rely on huge amounts of evolving data to make smart decisions, like those in the insurance sector. These days, AI is already transforming the way insurers manage claims, launch products, support their staff, and serve their customers in an ethical way. …


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