Best wallpaper apps to love on Android

Wallpapers are one of those things that can give you a reminder of something or change of scenery each time you open your phone. Sometimes, wallpapers get you motivated for your small goals and desires.

Finding great wallpaper of your choices and moods is not a difficult task now. Since there are many wallpaper apps available on the Google Play Store, I have listed out some of the best apps for wallpapers.

I hope you will love it!

1) Wallpapers — Jazz up screen

Wallpapers — Jazz up screen is a new and impressive app. It performs well and easy to use. It has 100s of clear and nice wallpapers collection with 2K and 4K resolution. It has many categories and collections to be explored based on your needs.

The main features of the app are, “Jazz up screen” and “Surprise me”.
Jazz up screen gives your phone ability to change the wallpapers automatically. You just have to enable this feature from the app, choose categories and time interval. That’s it. It will work as your own live wallpaper.
Surprise me is available in the app shortcuts. So only Android Nougat 7.1 users can have access to it. This cool feature sets a wallpaper from the app’s collection randomly. These 2 features make this app really great.

It allows users to create their own profile. You follow other users so that you can be notified when they upload a new wallpaper. So it will be a social app feeling. They can upload their own creative pictures as well. But those will be reviewed by the 1Wall team before getting to the other users.

This app also allows to you win exciting rewards if you refer and invite your friends to the app.

2) Backdrops

This is another one of the great wallpaper apps. It has more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store. Its wallpapers are the heart of it. It has many great wallpapers designed by its designers. You will really like them. The app weighs less and performs smooth. It also shows top tags of the wallpapers so that you can find trending wallpapers. It also has many categories to explore.

Overall, it’s really a great app. Easy to use. It’s an Editors’ Choice app.

3) Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD is there on the Google Play Store since long. It has more than 100 million downloads and is Editor’s Choice app. As it is a very older app, it has approx a million wallpapers on it uploaded by the admins and the community.

It allows users to comment on the wallpapers. Users can create their profile and follow other users. You can find featured wallpapers and users on the app. Unlike other apps, it has many categories of wallpapers.

The app performs well and, it is easy to use. It also allows users to add text over the wallpapers. That’s really cool!

4) Wallpapers

The Wallpapers app is by Google. Yes! It’s a stock wallpaper app in Google’s Pixel devices. The handpicked photographs are the heart of the app. It has a few categories of wallpapers but has many high-quality wallpapers. It also has a feature that automatically changes wallpapers from a chosen category on daily basis. But you won’t get that much control over this feature like you get in 1Wall — Wallpapers app.

5) Other apps

Below are the other good wallpaper apps where you can get good wallpapers. These apps do have the basic features of wallpaper apps.
- Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers)
- Best Wallpapers QHD
- Wallpapers for Me

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