A Journey Towards Self Innovation…

Class I — October 02, 2017

What began as a fun exercise turned out to be a life changing experience for all of us. If not for anybody else but surely for me. Just imagine when a young tall well built guy comes into your class and tells you that he is your professor. For once anybody could have apprehensions regarding the teachings that he may impart. But I can with conviction say that, he is a brilliant professor and has a lot to offer only if you are willing to accept. Thank you Steve.

The class started with memorization of names of the students through visual association. Often we remember the actions and not the words. So everyone had to do some action and say their name. It was fun but more than that it etched in our memory the names of our compatriots forever. Also it made very clear — Actions are louder than mere words.

Before starting any company or organization the most carefully curated document is the Mission and Vision Statement. Why does the company exist… What purpose does it fulfill? Where does it want to see itself in the near future, these are some of the critical questions that pop in to the minds of the promotors of the company. We were all segregated in teams but were united by thoughts and went through the same dilemma. What ideals and values do we want the class to have. We had a lot of fun brainstorming on the not so critical and usual aspects about a class. There were some eccentric and funny ideas that germinated from the group think but most importantly we all agreed on some common points which is something that is severely lacking in todays society. I think what Steve wanted us to understand was that every person in the group is unique and has a notion of his / her own. We should be courageous enough to respect everyone’s opinion and at the same time arriving at a common conclusion. Listening to everyone is as important as making yourself heard. If you are not wiling to listen how do expect others to listen to you.

We wrapped up the class with that beautiful document in hand that was a consequence of our collective thoughts. Just how beautiful can diversity be.

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