Identifying a Problem…

Class II — October 06, 2017

Ever wondered what social has its roots associated to. Why do we need social skills, social awareness, social well being, social entrepreneurship, social leadership, social innovation. Social is all about society, about the people around you. In as much as we want to grow ourselves we should be a catalyst in growing the people around us. Our growth should be a function of the number of lives we grow in our journey towards happiness.

This time Steve wanted us to do just 3 small and tiny things — Define me social problem, innovation and entreprenership. As easy as it may sound there was a caveat to it. We had to explain in such a way that a 10 year old may make sense of the three. Now thats a tough challenge. Making a child understand the intricacies of grown ups. Sometimes we have to come down to the roots and the ground level to make people understand our point of view. Always its not possible to bring people to our level of unnderstanding and tell them to understand the concept. We should have the humility to go a level down and make them comprehend what we are saying.

Our class has a collection of some of the most brilliant minds on the planet because each one came up with an exquisite model to explain the three concepts. I have yet to learn so many things in life. But its fun to learn. Its fun to go back to childhood and understand the complex problems with an innocent, unbiased and unprejudiced mind.

Some very brilliant minds that have been have said that understanding the problem is half of the solution. We understood how to first understand the problem and then working towards the solution was much easier a task rather than breaking your head on the solution right away.

In a world full of brilliant minds what the need of the hour is not for brilliant solutions but for people who can lay down the problems in simple terms. What we need is not the intelligence to earn more profits but the simplicity and innocence of touching lives and growing people.

“If you want to one year of prosperity then grow grain,
If you want ten years of prosperity then grow trees,
If you want one hundred years of prosperity then grow people.”
- Anonymous