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Over 200 Mn Indian internet users have embraced music streaming services, but the addressable base for podcasts is far smaller

As of today, India’s podcast landscape comprises 40+ players, including local and international platforms as well as aggregators

While primary focus areas are Hindi and English podcasts, startups focusing on regional content have attracted major funding in the Indian market

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Gautam Raj Anand, founder and CEO, Hubhopper, said that during the COVID-19 disruption period, there has been a change in consumption pattern.

While one report by Podtrac says that globally podcast consumption has dipped in times of COVID-19, an analysis by Voxnest, an audio technology company, revealed that listenership has increased since the first week of March.

Globally, there may not be…

The podcast round up with podcasting trends in India by Hubhopper, India’s largest audio-on-demand platform — audiobooks, etc
Podcast Round Up 2019–2020 by Hubhopper

The year 2020 marks not just a new year for the industry but the advent of the audio decade in India. The Indian podcast industry is all set to boom as communication is becoming more content-centric with each passing day. The rise in awareness about the term ‘podcast’ gave way…

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