Hubhopper, a homegrown podcast and audio content app for busy Indians (By DailyHunt)

Gautam Raj Anand
Jul 24 · 2 min read

Indian born and bred Hubhobber is out to make the most of India’s growing interest in podcasts. The app’s focus on India-centric content gives it an edge over Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, and others.

It might be safe to suggest that podcasts are now mainstream in India.

What started as an iOS-only trend in the US back in 2014 with the launch of Apple’s standalone Podcasts app — that Wired magazine described as a “fundamental moment which elevated the medium to its highest level of public visibility” — and was seen as a Western trend in mature markets, is gripping Indian millennials slowly yet surely.

There are no country-specific usage numbers yet, but the increasing availability of India-centric podcasts and varied short-form audio content coupled with dropping mobile data prices has led to a podcast boom in recent years. It has led to a sea change in the audio-streaming industry, brought about habit changes in consumers, opened up new avenues in content creation and distribution, and of course, given rise to a host of podcasting startups and apps.

Homegrown Hubhopper is one such product……

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Additionally, if you’ve ever thought of starting your own Podcast, Hubhopper Studio has made it easier than ever before and is here to make you take the leap

Gautam Raj Anand

Written by

Founder Hubhopper, India’s largest platform for Podcasts and audio content with over a million hours of content across 15 languages and 8 products.

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