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Gautam Raj Anand

A free radio show without the disturbance of ads, no repetitive music, and full of well-researched, well-thought-out content. This is what draws most people to podcasts, globally. While India is still on the rise when it comes to the trend of podcasts, it does have a handful of really good shows. A realization of the possibilities of mobile internet and a gradual dislike for the unintelligible noise of television and radio has begun to set into the Indian audience, as they look for detailed, interesting content that they can listen to while commuting or working.

The challenge of podcasting Increasingly it can be observed that the attention span of the modern Indian is on the wane. People do not want to pay attention to anything that doesn’t hook them in. The principle of advertising wherein if you can’t reel them in within 3 seconds, you can’t reel them in at all applies here perfectly.

The market is open for various players to make their move, but they face a difficult challenge. In a country like India, where people love to talk and gossip, the fact that podcasting has not already caught on is surprising but can also be traced to the history of radio. In the earlier days, there were iconic radio spokespersons like Ameen Sayani, who made the nation tune in their radio sets, but that kind of atmosphere has long gone. Podcasting is now the new medium to bring forth a voice like Ameen Sayani to the people and most new start-ups are trying to climb that hill of ensuring that people tune in and access their content. Content dictates podcast’s success Various companies are now stepping into the podcast scene and trying to enrich it with vernacular content as well. Organizations like Hubhopper and Momspresso to name a few are the front runners in the content war that’s raging across the Indian landscape.

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Finally, if you’ve ever thought of starting your own Podcast, Hubhopper Studio has made it easier than ever before and is here to make you take the leap

Gautam Raj Anand

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Founder Hubhopper, India’s largest platform for Podcasts and audio content with over a million hours of content across 15 languages and 8 products.

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