Popular podcast platforms to tune in on International Podcast Day (By NewKerala)

Gautam Raj Anand

The growing need for entertainment among millennial has given way to the new age Podcast streaming platforms.

Podcasts are emerging as a popular choice for entertainment as well as a learning source across all generation. Be it a grammar developer by BBC radio or The Musafir Stories for the travel enthusiasts, there is a genre for all age-groups.

So, here are some prevalent apps for Podcast streaming.


Being India’s largest platform for podcasts and publishers, Hubhopper is a must-have app for the busiest individual. It offers easy- passive content across popular genres like health, education, history, business, technology sports etc. The Hubhopper app saves users time, effort and space on their devices by bringing together all the content they love from their favorite publishers under one unified experience. It’s the daily dose user’s need today.

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Also, quick side-note, if you’ve ever thought of starting your own Podcast, Hubhopper Studio has made it easier than ever before and is here to help you take the leap.

Gautam Raj Anand

Written by

Founder Hubhopper, India’s largest platform for Podcasts and audio content with over a million hours of content across 15 languages and 8 products.

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