The First Lecture — Recollecting motivation!

Class of 13th , a class unknown to many know to few, its existence comes in play only when you’ve to prepare for competitive exams in India.Well, it is actually the time when you really think you are going to jump over the moon ,touch a few stars, meet a few aliens and come back within an year, alive! — in short, studying 15 hrs a day “consistently” for the next one year! Did I mention “Consistency”? Yes ? Ohkkayy then we can go on …

The ones going for medical have 14th, 15th & so on but let’s not turn them down or shatter their confidence . Let’s talk about the careless ones, Engineering aspirants basically ! Those who love Maths coz they couldn’t memorize biology.

As we all quite see, this class of 13th is spent by most of the students in coaching institutes at Kota or Delhi ! Coz this is one last chance for a guy to prove himself and get into an IIT . Non-IITians can breathe , I mean, but only a little less fresh air. Nepotism is shaking the corporate world too! Damn !

Okay , No more jokes, Let’s continue…

We had all recently appeared for the IIT JEE exam for the first time, and were preparing again coz we couldn’t crack it through with the required scores. Back after a huge failure (what 12thies think then) we were all ready to make a breakthrough. In that first lecture of Class of 13th, there was a fire evolving due to sadness, there was an aim derived of a fall, there were hopes forcing us to dream again and there was a teacher who understood this better than each of us !

“God of Mechanics” was one of the common names set in the air of KOTA for him. But my dear friend, he won’t start physics unless he’s done with charging your batteries to live life the way it should be.Daily motivation was the subject he’d choose over physics, every day, everyday, everyday ! But there were eyes in this classroom who didn’t want that old thing about how to study, when to study & what to study. Today these students knew they have to complete their homework, revise everyday and try each question by writing it down (pen ghisna). Today they were looking for something better, something that only Mr. Anurag Mishra could do, something they could take for a lifetime.

He came in the same way, that day too. Wearing his tight-fit blackberry’s shirt with that Parker flickering in his breast pocket. He never wore the shirt given by the institute to him, instead a BlackBerry’s one of the same color. Mind you, he had his standards. There was hardly a day we’d have seen him in a half shirt or even a loose full shirt .It was always that slim fit full shirt,neatly tucked in his narrow bottom pants. Let me remind you, he’d that personality that would motivate you before his words. He simply radiated it!

That Rolex chronograph watch ? Ahh! It was right there! Giving us success goals. His rimless frame glasses, sleek and utterly transparent, he’d often make that stare through them .The class was all ready for the Rant of Am Sir. He walked up the ramp , briskly headed towards the chalk shelf to keep that one book and a few sheets. That book was a monster written by him, he’d often slay us with its questions and would often gift the book to the ones who solved them. Good for them , take those mechanics monkeys with you, Baby ! Ohh ! And the pulley too .

Seeing him walking through the ramp, we stood up in unison for that “Goooddd moorrrning sir” and settled down in silence, we were all ears with eyes longing for the supreme guidance. Heart smiling, waiting to get those bumps and a rush no one could wither out!

He stood near the chalk shelf and kept down his lenses on the book and gave us a stare. And looked back to his lenses, playing with them. It was dead silence in a hall that could accommodate 250 students. All eyes on him, you can’t move an inch , Coz if you miss it , you’ll only be taking regret back with you. It could be anything , It could be about what had happened, it could be about what should you do with your future, It could be about dreaming big or anything. But this day, this moment was all about that one word. The cool air of the duct and attention paying students were all set in the quest of a vibe, which would hit it straight in their veins for blood to rush back.

Comebacks ! hote hain ”he struck out ,looked back at us.

“Comebacks”. he nodded.


I still remember the calmness & sharpness in the way he said it. Turning to the situation & circumstances we were coming through that was the only word enough to rejuvenate our hopes shattered like pieces of heart.

It was not just a word that day . It had it all motivation , rush , struggles , fears , failure , strength all of it !

Sometimes , it is the only word that has kept me going . That strikes me everytime, in the same way & forces me to gather all the courage and go for it once again . Coz there is struggle in consistency there is pain in discipline ! But the lecture wasn’t over yet, folks, it had just started !

Florence Chadwick (the swimmer who conquered the English channel) was a renowned swimmer,when she attempted to cross the Catalina channel , she was swimming for 16 hours through thick fog, frigid water & nearby sharks . She gave up when she was half a mile away from land .Just think, she was just half a mile away !

Two months later , she came back and made the journey in just 13 hours 47 minutes , two hours faster than the official record , set by man ! Just think again what she couldn’t do in 16 hours she did it in 13 hours 47 minutes , breaking the world record too , how ?” He continued . “ Coz she knew what she had to face , the frigid water , the sharks & the fog !

Does that makes it easier ? Haha ! Sharks are never gonna make anything easier . She could have been scared as shit for the rest of her life ! But again “comebacks” they are for real .

“ It’s time for you to make that comeback ! It’s time for you fight it out again, coz now you understand the game. You name one person who is a success and has never made a comeback in life” was his next question. on went the lecture and there came up a series of names like Sachin Tendulkar, Navjot Singh Siddhu etc. And when & how they came back strong . AM Sir is not just a physics teacher , life coach was always a better name !

There were two lessons learned that day . One, that comebacks are for real . You just need to study the game & keep playing, with faith in yourself . You just need to believe in yourself and keep going coz the sharks , the frigid water and the fog doesn’t give a shit about who you are what you do and where you’re going !

Second lesson ? come along !

When he used to cross 20 mins of motivation , we sometimes got dizzy . But then while he was going on & on, the lights of the classroom went off . Natural Power cut ? Yes ! Is there a meaning behind this ? Absolutely .

Mark my words ,ohh! Mark his words when the light goes off, it is the truth spoken from the heart of god ! This was the fact my friends, whenever there is a power cut while AM sir is preaching, the statement during the time of power cut will be 100% truth and you ought to take it with you. The eternal truth. He’d point out saying “See, that’s what god is trying to convey too”.

But today when the lights went off , we didn’t quite get it once or were absent minded (dozing off a bit). He did knew it & quoted it again effectively . “If you keep doing what you were doing , the results will be the same” and again “ jo tum karte aaye ho , karte rhoge to result bhi whi hoga “ lights out ! Power cut ! & He pointed his index finger towards the ceiling “ See God is also with me “

Coz he was !

Recently , in an interview a cricketer was asked how is he feeling coming back in form & what helped when he was not playing well . His answer was something that took me back to that lecture once again . He told that , he had a talk with one of the most senior cricketers of all time and the cricketer just guided him saying “ do things what you were doing when you were playing good

Picking both statements I got the juice. The first statement was said to us in a context that the way we had studied, took us to failure so if we keep doing things the same way , the result isn’t gonna change ! We needed to study hard , change our ways do the right things for achieving success or scoring a rank in IIT.

It can also be taken in a different manner in context with the second statement. There are times always when we might have succeeded . When our confidence was on a rise, the execution was perfect and timing excellent ! When life seemed beautiful and we were in a blissful state of mind . What if we go back to that time and see what were the things we were doing that time , it could be some productive work , it could be a simple yoga routine or anything . We just have to study our self when the results were in our favour and do those things again . (This is one of the ways) The cricketer surely took that advice and I got to know another way of making comebacks ! They are for real.