4 Advantages of Using Activity Management Software for Sales Team

Gautam Ranganathan
Apr 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Sales is often a pain point for businesses, especially when the managers are not well-equipped to handle their teams of sales representatives. A business can drive competitive and profit goals only when all the stages in the sales cycle are in synergy. This is where an activity management software comes into the picture. The software assists in streamlining the sales cycle by providing insights about the internal process and progress, as well as acting as a platform to provide better client support. If your business is not leveraging on an activity management software, we give four reasons to make it a part of your process.

1. Gives a Comprehensive View Of Sales Accounts

An activity management software collates sales crucial data at one place, mostly on a dashboard, that can be easily fetched by reps, as and when required. Whether it’s about keeping a track of customer interaction, viewing past sales history and displaying general customer information; an activity management software can perform all these operations seamlessly, that too in an automated manner.

2. Helps in Understanding Prospect Behavior

When handling a large portfolio of sales accounts, representatives might not be sure about the buying intent of the prospect. An activity management software lists out all previous interactions with specific prospects in a tabular or graphical form along with the information about the action taken during the last interaction. This feature helps reps in understanding whether they should invest time in converting a specific prospect or move on to the next.

3. Makes Reps More Proactive than Ever

Sales reps perform an array of activities during their typical day, so getting off-track is quite common for them. An activity management software constantly reminds them about both finished and yet to finish targets, thereby, helping them stay on track. When sales reps know exactly how much they need to do for completing their targets, it helps in managing the work, and increases the chances of sales conversion.

4. Helps Improve Sales Performance

As quoted by Ken Blanchard, “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions.” An activity management software updates the scorecards in real time, which may help sales reps in identifying the areas of improvement to meet their target. The software eliminates the guesswork in the sales cycle, as reps get an exact data about the areas where they lag or lead. All they need is to login to the activity management console and the results will be displayed in a few clicks.

The Bottom Line

Using an activity management software ensures that sales reps focus only on the core adjectives, and not on administrative tasks. Most activity management software are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that not only helps in automating the steps in a sales cycle, but also help the sales cycle gain agility.

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