Silver ADDY Award

io Studio: National Guard — Case Study

Client Description

The National Guard’s roots date back to 1636, when colonial militias made up of ordinary citizens would put down their plows and pick up weapons to protect families and towns from hostile attacks.

I worked at io Studio on The National Guard contract designing award winning content. I helped io Studio win 1 Gold and 6 silver ADDY awards for The National Guard.


Client: The National Guard
Deliverables: Web Design, Mobile Web, iPad Game Concepts, Photo Manipulation, Recruiting Software and Tools

The Projects

I lead UX, UI, and Development teams on various projects from educational tools, user retention tools, and focused experiences.

  • Web site UX and design
  • Mobile site UX and design
  • Microsite experiences
  • Internal recruiting tools
  • Soldier education and retention tools
  • Recruiter Sustainability Program (RSP)

The Work

I was never in The National Guard, but I knew many that had. In fact majority of the employees at io Studio were. I talked about their experience in researching and learning about The National Guard. I talked to recruiters, guards men and women, and the families of soldiers. I learned what their experience was in doing the research. The successes and the head aches.

I met with the Guards stake holders, and discussed with the agency and our Creative Director and established goals. I started by working with Information Architects, and Usability Testers. I then sketched wireframes and designed workflows that supported an ease of exploration into the life of a guard member.

I again, talked to stake holders at The National Guard and in the agency. Once we had buy in I worked hand in hand to direct the developers to create new experiences.

The Results

We resulted in better consumable experiences. Users are able to be more focused on the their research. They are able to make clear decisions faster.

We saw users exploring more, they are staying and reading more content. Users are being more thorough in their exploration and better prepared when they moved forward.

The soldiers tools and refreshed Recruit Sustainablility Program are paramount in the success of accurate recruiting.

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