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Special Force Gold ADDY award winning microsite. - Here you see some unlock-able content.

io Studio: Special Forces — Case Study

Feb 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Client Description

The National Guard’s roots date back to 1636, when colonial militias made up of ordinary citizens would put down their plows and pick up weapons to protect families and towns from hostile attacks.

While at io Studio I managed a team that won a Gold ADDY award for the National Guard Special Forces Micro Site.


The National Guard
Immerse Experience, Game Like Graphics, Educational Tool

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The Goal

The National Guard needed a tool that would help attract the right soldiers. This tool would also weed out individuals that could not apply due to varying restrictions. This would help in slimming down the one on one process previously used to recruit.

  • New packaged path for
  • Smarter design gets users what they need faster
  • Interactive elements to drive engagement
  • Improved screening makes Specialty Operator more efficient
  • Focus on “experience” shows the way ahead
  • Capitalizes on millennials’ preference
    for gamification
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The Process

I was creative director for a team of developers, photographers, writers and 3D artists in the creation of this micro site. Through a tried and true process of pushing creators to strive for higher and higher goals and take pride in their work, we were able to produce this award winning tool for The National Guard.

We used data analysis and usability experts in the initial phase of planning. This early data help us understand our target users. We learned their habits, likes, dislikes and goals. Using this information is what got us excited early on and really helped drive workflows and the overall experience.

What you see here are the last few wire frames and flow diagrams. We were able to quickly modify workflows during live testing which gave us a velocity we needed to accurately work out the problems.

Going forward we designed the site to attract younger recruits and current Special Forces soldiers. We use the data gathered during testing to cut down on the previously overwhelming amount of information. The users were able to learned more and learn faster what it really means to be a Special Forces soldier for The National Guard.

The Result

An immerse experience that not only entertains but also teaches a potential recruit what it is The National Guard is looking for in a Special Forces soldier. This micro site has a measurable effect on the signal to noise ratio of prospective recruits.

Recruits need for help .These recruits were more qualified, required less assistance and were better prepared for the next steps after the new site was live.

This is an After Effects pre-visual walkthrough of the proposed work.
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Actual screen shots from the microsite.

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