The Danish define enough as “nok”. Which is precisely what nok is. No more.


The seemingly, impossibly, small nok.

We set out to create something that solves our own annoyance. nok was born out of the need to carry less.

  • 1 ID
  • Up to 3 credit/debit cards
  • Cash (Dad did say to always carry $20 bucks)
  • A house key
  • Easy one hand use
  • Light weight (Fun fact: nok weighs less than the content, even without a key!)
nok was born out of the need to carry less.

We started by emptying our wallets and sifting through everything. We made two piles: one for the things we didn’t need (along with things we forgot we had), and one for things we use everyday. We then cut down the everyday pile even further. After that we compared our piles. We had some of the same things. ID, debit card, and cash.

“The wallet should not be thicker than this.”

Grabbing my stack, I squared it up and held it out saying “The wallet should not be thicker than this.” Money clips are too heavy. A “card holder” is another option, but two layers of material plus seams makes them too bulky. Throw in the plastic for an ID window and it’s just silly.

nok compared to classic wallets

We started by thinking about the bumper case for the iPhone. It’s a simple band that covers all the edges.

From there we developed 15 new iterative 3d printed prototypes. The testers that used #15 for a few months were in love. It needed a few last tweaks. We had to beg them to hand them over. When a carrier had less than the ideal two cards, the inside edges were just slightly uncomfortable, and the aluminum was going to be to costly.

We iterated on the silicon band for months as well. Working with the manufacture on the chemical make up, we were able to get a custom fit, custom “grippy-ness”, and a custom color. After some small adjustments and a few quick trips back to a 3D printer we landed on prototype #18. It was just enough, or as the Danish say. nok.

Prototype #15 in Aluminum

nok is now something I use everyday. Is has a low impact on my clothes. It fits well in my pocket even with a phone and won’t scratch the screen. nok is perfect in the front pocket as well as the back pocket.

The pocket in nok can carry cash, a key, or a memory card, etc…

We are currently working with a few retail shops to inventory and sell nok. But you can get them now at Oh and hey, they are only $10 bucks.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

We design and build with a focus on products that serve one function.

With nok we set out to make a wallet that carries ONLY what you need. With room for up to 3 cards and 1 ID, it only weighs 1 gram.

Plus, a pocket for cash.

nok is the result of a deliberate & relentless pursuit of pure functionality.

Final nok. This is my actual everyday carry.

You can get them now at
Oh and hey, they are only $10 bucks.

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