Patient Logic EHR

Medhost: Patient Logic — Case Study

What is an EHR?

An Electronic Health Record is what a physician uses to asses and document a patient. Patient Logic is an EHR that I’m currently working to develop at MedHost .

Project Description

With a full portfolio of enterprise and departmental solutions, MedHost provides software and services to more than 1,000 hospitals nationwide, from large multi-facility hospital systems to independent community facilities and IDNs.

My Responsibilities

I delivered Workflow Design and Wireframes. I participated heavily in Feature Planning, Scrum Planning, Team Management, and the Enterprise level UX Architecture.


Day to Day: I worked with a strong team and develop the Physician’s Experience which includes everything from logging in, to managing a patient’s data, ordering medications and writing the physician’s note.

Old EHRs

The Problem

If you look at any of the previous EHRs they all generally feel the same. Slow, clunky, cryptic keyboard navigations, and macro heavy with a very steep learning curve.

Physicians need a quick way to read the patient’s status. We built the patient chart to be used at a glance.

9 of the chart tiles which each summarizes data for the patient.

The Process

The results of the research proved that the current available tools are mostly cobbled together with very little insight from those that use it.

Working hand in hand with subject matter experts (in this case it was physicians, nurses, and lab techs) we learn all that we can about what they need. From regulated requirements to user workflows in the physical work space, we try to put ourselves in their shoes as much as possible.

We used a few tools to do the research from intensive Q & A sessions, through white boarding and wire frames, to visiting hospitals and watching physicians in their day to day tasks. We were able to paint a very detailed picture of what a physician needs to assess a patient, write notes and create orders.

Until you truly know what they need (not just their wants) you can’t really begin to understand what to build.

The Result

A product that helps physicians quickly understand the current state of a patient. It is now based on workflows first. The approach, direction, purpose, and features are based on the perspective of the Physician. The new EHR (MedHost Clinicals) has a modern code stack that is based on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The UI is flat and clean, with a large emphasis on traditional typographic rules giving focus on communicating patient data through content. The workflows are radically different from the predecessors.

We were able to now assess a patient, write notes, and write orders in a fraction of the time. In some cases, writing a note alone has been cut down from 2 hours to 20 minutes.

Patient Chart view
Allergies details