Vet Tech T-Shirts Hoodies

Future Vet Tech Apparel. Future Vet Tech T-shirt — Fun For Future Veterinary Technician. Makes a great going away to college gift. Show your love for your future veterinary technician.

Veterinary technicians are more than just the person in the scrub top who takes your dog’s temperature or asks you a few questions before the vet comes in. They are more than the person who holds your horse for vaccinations so that you don’t have to be the bad guy.

Veterinary technicians are a lifeline connecting you, your veterinarian, and your animals. They are educated and trained to perform a raft of procedures and provide the best possible nursing care for your animal. Their job frees the veterinarian to do the things that only we are allowed to do — diagnose illnesses, perform surgery, etc.

The veterinary technician may fill a different role in a multi-doctor small animal hospital than in a large animal ambulatory practice, but no matter the practice type, veterinarians need our technicians, and you and your animals need them too.