Gangs of Rajajinagar — Galli Boyz

The group that is feared on the Streets, Still wanted for their fearless hits on the KLE grounds, broken glasses at Basaveshwara school, and the tortured runs at ESI grounds, they are the undefeated champions of the gulli onside-offside international pitches.

The group responsible for the HMT(Half Motte Tale) bombings, Rosa aunty escapades, Chunti Kunti encounters, beedi bribes and Surviving the Bernard Shaw attacks. The gang that was welcomed in every house other than their own, Penalized, Scolded, abused, beaten and thrown out by their families after 4pm everyday. Unknowingly this secret bro-hood was formed. Everyday they grouped at their hiding resort. Sitting on the steps of evolution they planned and scripted history.

Most wanted for their numerous hit and run chases, Culprits in the missing evidence for the The famous Maruthi car chase & The Luna double road chase , The mango groove loots & The guava loots. Fabulously known for organizing group crimes like the Gaali Road rides and races, thursday 12pm prasada runs , Cycling stunts, Iskon trekkings, Bhoot bunglow visits, This cult of specialists and with their special techniques, are today the creators of biscuit bowling, Namma world cups.

Duryo’s heated arguments, ignited street fights, this Robin hood group that was always there to provide the helping hands when needed. The Hero rangers, the mongoose, the Avon, The Lords, the Controllers of the mafia from 27th cross to 31st cross, This notorious gang, with the Wicket keeper’s support are still roaming un-cuffed, un-rattled, un-feared, Battling their wits and showing courage against evils. These unstoppable forces are walking tall on the roads of Rajajinagar…beware

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