Maths vs Spirituality

Most of us all have experience with numbers and the rules of basic mathematics. Most of us atleast know how to count. When we started learning maths, we did start first with the symbols to represent the numbers and then we used our hands to represent each number with a physical entity
we all used our hands to count, didnt we? Next step we learnt how to count, how to add, how to subtract..then how to multiple and divide.

Then we reached high school where we learnt equations, algebra etc. We started working in maths using abstract letters like x and y, we solved real world problems with just using x and y’s. We made predictions using x and y’s.

Next we Enter college, what do we start learning… Calculus, differentiation, trigonometry, what are all these..? Maths ? Remember we are still trying to do maths. All these complex notions are still under the umbrella of Maths

Lets shift our focus from learning to the application of the things we learnt. On a normal day and a basic living. What are the things we learnt under maths do we need to live? we need to know numbers, we need to know how to count, we need to know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply.. the basic operations of maths.. this will help me to live in a normal society and i will be able to achieve the normal things like shopping, count items, pay using a currency…all well and good.

Now, in next level of living, if i need to do run a business. It becomes mandatory that i know how to calculate profits and losses. I need to know about percentage, percentiles and a fair bit of inflation etc.. i should be able to manage the crux of demand and supply.. what do i do.. i go to the abode of equations, i use my high school mathematics to determine how my inventory should be stocked up if i need to fulfill the demand. And my high school mathematics is what i will need to achieve this.

Now, climbing into the next sphere of living... I’m a research student or a scientist. I want to take the human kind to a different way of living in the world. I need to design a spaceship to go to moon… The needs to achieve this are different. I need to know gravity, I need to know speed , velocity,
atmospheric pressure .. projectiles.. i need to know about nuclear fission, fusion etc i need to do impact analysis..predict the fuel required to carry me and the payload ..And how can i sit on my desk and derive all these information. Only way is to surrender to higher maths like calculus, vectors etc.

In an analogy , Religion is similar to this… to do my normal living.. i can go to church, temples, pray to lord, confess and be done with it. i can survive and lead a happy peaceful life.

At the next stage of living, i need to have the next phase of religion… it could be is should be undergoing ordeals, it can be a need to conduct rituals. Following scriptures or spiritual authors.

A normal being in the lower state of living, cannot know or understand why the higher level of mathematics is needed. He can choose either to believe, or to ignore or loathe the higher state mathematics, but all the levels of mathematics exist and will continue to be used at every level independently.

Similarly a person’s mind which is in one state of spiritual level, can only understand and adopt that states religious rituals. It will never be able to decipher or understand the another state’s rituals. Assimilating the needs and going on from one state to a higher state in spiritual level is the need of the hour. And If we want to reach god, the supreme lord, the ultimate power, then i need to embrace the complexities , i need to embrace the abstractness.

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