Build your startup, medium and enterprise business with Intelligent CRM

It is important for any business organization to setup their customer database and enhance closing deals in less time. In order to accomplish this, there is strong need to customize the CRM database according to the business needs and automate the business activities of the Sales Reps and other organization member to achieve high efficiency and increase effectiveness to manage your business.

Deeply Customize your CRM:

With the Custom Fields, the users can create various fields accordingly to their requirement. The custom fields are available with various field types like Text, Integer, Phone, Pick-list, Auto-number, date, date-time etc., In the Enterprise edition, there are 500 custom fields per module. This will help the users to deeply customize according to their business needs. Apart from the primary modules available in the CRM, the enterprise edition provides Custom modules with which you can create your own customized module and input the data, and associate with the existing module’s record. You can create one to many and many to one relationship between the modules. The automation workflow rules in such a way that, on creation, edit, field update or deletion of a record, it possible for the user to get the triggers by instant action or time based action with Email alerts, Field updates, assigning a task to a user in the organization, convert records, trigger webhook, and custom functions. However, if the users require their automation to be done across the module based on a rule, it is possible using the Custom functions.

Ten factors on why you must rely on a Intelligent CRM system :

The CRM is available at a very affordable price.

You can easily customize your CRM according to your business needs.

The Customer Support is available all the time with Chat support, Phone support and email support.

You can integrate your CRM with Google apps for contacts, events and Google ad-words.

Setup your CRM with automation workflow rules easily, and accomplish high efficiency in your business activities like Sales cycle, Email marketing and Customer management.

Generate reports easily to monitor, track and analyze your Business activities with easy customization with schedule report option and also generate custom dashboards.

A maximum number of custom fields are available per module with various field types to ensure you to deeply customize your CRM accordingly to your business needs in the Enterprise edition.

In order to track and link your leads, contacts and prospects with other entities like properties, tenders, etc., you can use the Custom modules which is available more than 10 modules in the Enterprise edition.

Integrate your CRM with third party applications using the CRM API, phonebridge integration, other application integration, mail add-on integration for POP/ IMAP to send and receive emails to the customers from the Leads, contactsand custom modules and manage your inventory with the inventory module like Products, Quotes, Sales orders, invoice, pricebooks, vendors and purchase orders.

If you wish to manage your business hassle-free by closing deals in less and getting better insights from CRM data and if you require any help in setting-up your CRM such as Customization, Automation, Reporting and Data management etc, then you can contact me for CRM Consulting. Please drop an email to “” (or) “” with your requirement in CRM and I would be happy to help you.

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