Digital Literacy to Kids — 3 stage proposal

In our extended effort in helping with the empowerment of common man we will be doing a series of Digital Literacy program for underprivileged and rural school students upto to class 8. This campaign will be hosted under the umbrella of Mozilla Learning and CoderDojo Erode — an independent programming club that I founded and also a part of global CoderDojo Foundation movement.

We have the plan to have a 3 stage plan starting with basic foundation of computers followed by Internet basics and finally to interactive programming.

We will be doing sessions at government schools as a pilot where majority of students never used a computer before — basics are important.

Next, we wanted to focus on providing hands-on experience covering key areas of effectively using Internet for the purpose of learning, communicating and collaborating. Security and Privacy awareness needed for Facebook and social messaging will also be covered. This would be stage 2.

We believe at this point, students have the basic knowledge of computers in general and able to use Internet. Not everything we see on the internet is true. So, it’s important to evaluate information but to do so critical thinking and other 21st century skills are important.

Stage 3 will focus on building 21st century skills. The skills are, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving. With approaches like Connected learning and learning by making along with interactive and interesting way to learn programming we will help students to learn basics of programming.

The plan is in the early stage. We are open for any suggestions or concerns in the approach. If you have something to share please do. You can write to me — or tweet me @gauthraj

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