Phases and Ingredients of Volunteering

For any community-driven and volunteer-oriented organizations, one of the major barriers in achieving their goals is the ability to sustain their volunteers. Volunteers will commit for a longer term only when they have some personal takeaway for their contributions. It can be any form rewards, recognition or learning experience — preference differ from person to person.

I think it very important for organizations to understand the different phases and ingredients of volunteering in order to offer a program or opportunity that is empowering both volunteers and the organizations. Empowerment of volunteers is very important to make them take ownership and responsibility which will lead to the success of the project in attaining the goals or impact.

With my personal experience in volunteering and in managing volunteers have come up with different phases and important ingredients for volunteering.

Phases of volunteering that can lead to sustained, committed and passionate volunteers
Ingredients of Volunteer Participation with Sustainability as the focus

Here it is, please share your comments (if any).