• adeboye shola

    adeboye shola

  • kilwana emmanuel Ssemikwano

    kilwana emmanuel Ssemikwano

    Financial Advisor Prudential Assurance Company and founder , Executive Chairman Crets Group

  • Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    CFRE passionate about helping people & non-profits change the world, nonprofit tech & social media geek, trainer, and writer. Happy wife, mom of 3 and quilter.

  • Kristina Louise

    Kristina Louise

    global health | humanitarian assistance | refugees | HIV & LGBTI issues | human rights | boba tea | travel | yoga | music | naps | Tweets? → Mine.

  • Kelvin Chan

    Kelvin Chan

    Healthcare professional working on how data can help solve many of today’s current health problems. Former consultant in drug strategy. All views are my own.

  • Wolfkid


    Mother, complexity thinker, systems designer, environmentalist, urbanist, humanitarian — an eye on the stars, feet on the Earth & running with wolves.

  • Allo


    A sometimes writer, sometimes scholar and always social justice enthusiast.

  • Sidhartha Deka

    Sidhartha Deka

    Helping decision-makers use data effectively

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