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With God All Things Are Made Possible

I was honored to see an advanced screening of the movie Christopher Robin. First I would like to express how well it was made. Watching this movie brought back memories of when I was 4 or 5 and had a Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party. If I remember right, my mom made me some Winnie the Pooh pajamas that year!
While watching this movie you see just how much someone can change once they grow up. Christopher Robin has indeed changed quite a bit from the little boy he once was. I don’t want to focus on the movie plot and storyline. I want to focus on each character in the movie. It seems that each character represents a mental disorder of some kind.

  • Winnie the Pooh has the attributes of someone with Impulsivity with obsessive fixations, ADHD and OCD. You see this with the great lengths he goes to get himself some honey. He tends to get himself into trouble, like eating so much honey he gets stuck in his doorway.
  • Piglet has Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Piglet is always worrying, part of it is due to a low self-esteem. His stuttering is probably a side effect of his anxiety. Because of his anxiety, he doesn’t always want to participate in activities with others.
  • Owl is dyslexic. He is often misspelling words and getting his stories mixed up. He is very intelligent but often brings confusion to the group.
  • Tigger has ADHD. He doesn’t like staying still for more than a nanosecond. He is always on the move and acting before thinking which has gotten him into trouble.
  • Kanga has Social Anxiety Disorder. She is very controlling over Roo which is because of her over worriedness of his safety.
  • Roo has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is usually unaware of the danger around him and is attached to staying in his mother’s pouch.
  • Rabbit has OCD. He is always trying to keep everything and everyone in order. You can see this especially when he is working in his garden.
  • Eeyore has Depression Disorder. Eeyore is always looking at the dull side of life. He feels nothing ever good comes his way.
  • Some say Christopher Robin has Schizophrenia. All of the above characters may be manifestations of his mood.

Mental disorders are sometimes put to the side as a made up thing. I have heard some say anyone can get out of being depressed by just doing something fun, sometimes it isn’t always that easy. I am here to tell you that mental disorders are real. They plague a lot of people in this world which has caused them to do some ill-chosen actions, even to take their own life.
Even though your disorder can make life difficult, there are ways for you to have hope. While watching the movie Christopher Robin it came clear that we can’t do this alone. We can’t get through life without the help from others and us helping others. Jesus Christ, the only perfect being to live on this earth, was always in the service of others. I feel a lot of His strength came from serving others.
I know a lady who suffers from Depression. She learned how to live with it. She learned that some medicines brought some comfort, but serving others has brought joy into her life. I personally have had anxiety in my life, and a friend of mine recommend I go see a social worker to talk and figure out what I can do to live with anxiety. Best thing I ever did. I talked with the social worker and we figured out what triggered my anxiety, and methods which could help me deal with it.
I don’t have answers to all these disorders, and some of my answers may not be the best help for you. But I encourage you to seek help. Express your needs to a loved one or a doctor or health profession. They can help you, but you will never get help if you don’t share what you are going through with others. Just as Pooh and the gang can get through rough times together, so must we come together as one so we can overcome the darkness and be brought into the light.

“With God all things are made possible.” Mark 10:27

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