Nice article Gav, been thinking about this subject recently.
Nick Rider

Interesting, Nick, thanks. It’s tempting to think of these topics as some ripple on the horizon rather than a wave that’s getting closer and closer. The autonomous car situation is a particularly interesting one from a human engagement perspective. Given that regulatory bodies probably won’t sanction a ‘big bang’ from driven to driverless the likelihood is that there will be some kind of ‘observer’ in the vehicle for at least a transition period. What kind of a job is that? How much will people be paid for it?

If you believe that most people want to be engaged and valued in society then the prospect of people sitting on their sofa instead of working is much less worrying in the long-term. Implement a UBI could only ever be a part of a broader set of policies, some of which harness technologies to help people (re)engage with their communities. A major effort in any case, good job nobody is tied up with provoking rogue states / negotiating regional divorce settlements!

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