Great piece of writing Gavin and you have promted me to write the following. . .
Rob Stewart

Rob, thanks very much for taking the time to comment — as thoughtfully as I would expect! You point to a whole load of extra related topics that I might just dig into in the future. The point about turning the ignition of the car half as many times is pertinent — particularly given that efficiency per item (electric cars, for example) often leads to more overall consumption. That’s a conundrum that needs solving. I didn’t get into the economic ramifications of massive consumption change, in great part because I don’t have any expertise from which to talk on the matter, but there are clearly implications for businesses and jobs which, as you say, will be painful. The most future-embracing organisations are already giving thought to alternative models that are less intensive and I reckon it’s better to prepare thoughtfully than to leap (or get pushed) blindly off a cliff!

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