Obama pitted every race against one another by design.

More fatuous offal. Cite your source for his alleged “design.” While no one called him a hero to my knowledge, his class demeanor and carriage have been above reproach (including his family), and relative to the actions and coarse character of Bush and Trump he looks downright saintly. 
You must be referring to another LBJ, because the President L.B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act 64' and the Voting Rights Act of 65,’ sponsored the War on Poverty and generally represents the height of the New Deal, all of which were quite supportive of the interests of Black Folks.*
I’m curious what agenda you think the the first Black President might have pursued that would have been more accepted by the always and still racist and reactionary wing of the polity that so-vociferously objected to his very presence near the White House? As it was, his adding the Auto Industry piece to then Treasury Secretary “Hank” Paulson’s (Goldman Sachs) bankster bailout package (where workers of color are substantially over-represented), his drawing down of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (where soldiers of color are substantially over-represented, particularly on the firing lines), and his passage of the ACA which extended access to health insurance to 10’s of millions of Americans (many of which for the first time in their lives), all combined to do the most for poor and working class people generally, and specifically for citizens of color who are substantially over-represented among them. The ACA in fact, marked the first successful attempt at reform of the Insurance Industry though every Democratic President and several Republicans as well had failed dating back to Roosevelt.**
That he accomplished all this in the face of the most recalcitrant congress in modern U.S. history, and despite the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression which greeted him upon his inauguration, will have history holding him in more reasonably high esteem than you ‘nattering nabobs’ & naysayers for sure.


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