I’ve got a weird, yucky idea stuck in my head: would it make sense to purposely infect people with the COVID-19 virus with some kind of enema or suppository?

First reason this might be a stupid idea: the virus is designed to infect the mucus membranes in the respiratory system. It might not be able to infect the mucus membranes in the colon or vagina.

But something like 5% of COVID-19 sufferers report diarrhea as a symptom, so maybe it can infect the digestive tract?

If it can, the second reason it might be a stupid idea is if an infection in the digestive or reproductive system is more deadly than an infection that starts in the nose or sinuses. That seems unlikely to me, but before giving coronavirus enemas to a lot of people somebody should run a small, controlled trial to see how the body reacts to an infection ‘down there’ and whether or not it triggers an immune response that gives immunity. …


Gavin Andresen

Lead Developer, The Bitcoin Project. All-around geek.

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