With one look in the letter, Ethan knew his life was forever changed. The letter read “U.S. Military January 2nd 1944 Ethan Teller” he had only been of age for the draft for three weeks. He knew that WWII was almost in full swing. Ethan wanted to be id the 101st airborne, easy company to be exact. He wanted to be a paratrooper because he had seen them in a movie. He was soon sent to Camp Claiborne, where he rigorous training began. They started off with just the usual running and heavy lifting. Soon after, they graduated to the parachutes and weapons, he remembers his drill Sargent saying, “This rifle is now your new lifeline you must clean, and service it or else I will not function and you could risk getting shot!

The company replied with the standard “Sir, yes sir!” Which was practically a default phrase to everything.

The rifle he was issued was a m1 garand, the most common rifle. He had never held a gun let alone shot one so he knew he was doomed to fail. His INTROduction to shooting was good, so he went to the range and hit every target like he was a seasoned shooter. POST-shooting he was praised by everybody for his skill. After shooting he had to learn COMunication with radios, these radios weren’t the same as what he used to listen to the news, they were hand held and had a lot of buttons. His first time using it he accidentally spoke to another company in the camp. The first dry run of a parachute was on a DIS MAL day a bunch of clouds CONvexing all over the sky. On his first jump he fled like SUPERman he completed the jump flawlessly. The jumped BI-daily and the jumps were INTROduced differently each time sometimes the drill sergeant would make them put on the gear before had to “make sure it fit” then he would throw them on a plane and send them off to jump. On one jump though something when terribly wrong the pane had stopped working POST-takeoff.

Part 2

With the plane roaring towards the ground he knew this might be the end, he jumped out of the plane and hoped his training could do him well. He made it to the ground almost unscathed like almost all of his company.fast forward half a year it was June sixth 1944 better known as D-Day. Ethan was stunned when he was told what they were doing, Parachuting behind enemy lines. He was sick to his stomach he hears his company saying things like,

“Oh no!”

“I didn’t sign up for this!”

And “That’s crazy!”

He was gathering all of his imPORTant things and got in the plane. He knew he would be fighting Hitler the, crazy politICIAN he had been in power for almost a quarter CENTury. The men on shore would be arriving in AQUAducks. His company was on route to CAPture a small town called Mogilevka, the town held munitions and a lot of enemy troops. They dropped in the cover of darkness and he made his way to the randevous point. He got there and he was the only one so he made his way to the town. Along the way he met up with people from other squads going to the same position. They heard a Nazi squad bu only because one of them sounded like they had broncITIS. From looking at distance Ethan could see a soldier SCRIBbling in a map it could possibly be other enemy positions. He could also AUDIbly hear one cursing the Americans. The group of soldiers reCEDEd to a firing position and took out the German squad of about 10 people. Ethan checked the bodies and some had AUTOmatic machine guns. The squad was now on the outer wall of the town and gunfire was ringing of in all directions, the battle was in full swing. They ran into a building and hunkered down waiting for squad mates or enemy’s to come to the building. They heard footsteps outside then rapid German talking, it was time for action Ethan sprang up with his m1 garand and got ready to fire, but he made one crucial mistake…


Part 3

He had not loaded a new magazine into the gun. He sprung around the corner with his bayonet and plunged it into the German soldier “AHH!” the soldier screamed. All Ethan heard was the soldier’s scream and the crunching of bone and skin being destroyed. Then the soldier EXHALED and Ethan knew it was over. When the TRANSFER was over Ethan felt sick to his stomach.

Now the city of Mogilevka was a war zone, fire, gunshots, and screaming everywhere. Then Ethan gets hit on the head, and it all went black. He woke up later in a German encampment, dazed and confused. He realized that his hands and feet were bound. When he tried to EXTEND his neck he felt MICRO areas of pain. There was a brief CACAPHONY of machine gun fire then silence. He tried speaking but was then punched and his body felt like a PENDULUM swinging back and forth. H saw the weapons the soldiers were holding and they looked like future PROTOTYPES. Many PHOTOGRPHS lined the walls of the machine gun nest. There was even a PENTAGRAM in one picture. Ethan thought “who are these people?” He saw the soldiers looked DEHYdRATED now was his time to escape.

Part 4

After looking over the soldiers Ethan derived that they looked quite CORPulent and decided to make a run for it, as soon as he ran they were sprinting after him and shooting at him. Then out of nowhere like a saving grace a sniper killed all of his captors. The sniper later introduced himself as Simms. They both went back to the machine gun new to look at the MAGNIFICENT photos that had perplexed Ethan earlier. Upon further inspection the weapons seemed to be almost like alien laser blasters. They marked the LOCATION on their maps and headed to get a higher up. When they returned with a larger squad and General Patton, patton said, “I feared this. Reports from Japan have showed that have tech like this too and it is very effective.” Ethan PONDERING how they even made these weapons. Then what Patton said next gave him a PHOBIA like never before, “Our top scientists believe the weapons to be of other worldly origins, they aren’t made from any materials on god green earth. They fire an ENDOplasmic energy shell that desintigrates targets.” Ethan was to go back to base and VERify that the weapons were the same as Japan’s weapons. An AMPHIBIOUS vehicle came to pick Ethan and general Patton up. The guns were said to be from a second super NOVA near Pluto. Not even the military’s best COMPUTers could analyze and reverse engineer the guns, but the military could utilize them in their special operations branches. Ethan just Figured out a special feature in the gun.

Episode 6

Ethan noticed that the gun didn’t need ammo and that would help the war effort. So Ethan went back to the main base with the general. The camp was at a JUNCTion in a river so it was easily defensible against attacks. They LIBERATED the base from the Germans about a week ago and it was very fortified. They went to the scientists tent which was sort of PRIMITIVE and run down but at least it would work. When talking to the scientist Ethan told him about his discovery and the scientist was very pleased because the military had replicated the weapon. Ethan was told he made a huge CONTRIBUTION to the war effort for what he had done. His discovery would TRANSFORM the face of the war. Ethan was now redeployed bot now he had one of those alien weapons. The guns shot like they were built for a PYROMANIAC fire and explosions everywhere. If a person was shot they would ERUPT into a frenzy of screaming and their bodies would disintegrate.in Ethan’s new squad he was with guys who all seemed like they were SOPHOMORES in college and they were CLAMMERING for action. They have come across a group of German