How To Become The Proud Owner of a Bullet Proof Mindset

I can’t stress this enough. The real way to become confident in business and in life isn’t by upgrading your wardrobe or making more money. It’s about crafting a bullet proof mindset and becoming the best version of yourself, period.

You gotta know exactly what you want, fully believe you can achieve it, and take massive determined action towards the outcome you desire.

Maybe your not feeling your best? Maybe your mindset has been a bit weak? No worries. The first step towards life changing results is to stop worrying and beating yourself up.

Like most things, it doesn’t happen over night. It’s simply a process of transformation, like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

But, you can get on the fast track to achieving the life you want by taking some shortcuts.

Here’s how:

Truth is, most people are terrified of rejection and you’re probably one of them. You know you’ve experienced the cold sweats before making a difficult phone call, right?

That’s why step one is to demolish your negative mindset so you can get past the fear once and for all.

Here’s a short cut for doing it.

First, visualize yourself talking an action you fear.

Check your pulse, your heart rate doubled just thinking about it.

Now, let’s hack that vision. Instead of feeling fear, step into a time when you felt extremely confident, happy and excited about life. Remember how you felt… charismatic, comfortable being yourself, on top of the world.

Really feel it, like you are right back there.

Now, let’s anchor this feeling by creating a physical connection. When you visualize the great feeling, start tapping your thumb on your thigh. Do it again. Think about another time you felt in control, confidence and on point, then tap again.

Anchor the feeling to your physical action.

As you continue this process you begin to strengthen the connection, and as the experts say… “Connections that wire together fire together.” By doing this, you condition yourself to be able to call up those incredible feelings on command.

Now you have a powerful new tool that your future self can use. All you have to do, is repeat that gesture a few times and you will invoke the emotion you anchored to it. It’s like having a big red button that says “feel good now” on it.

It take practice and discipline but it works like magic. Think about it… E-motion = Energy in motion. You can now move your negative fear based energy anytime you want.

It’s just like when Pavlov trained his dog to salivate every time he rang the bell. It’s science bitch!

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