Fuck Photojournalism
Clary Estes

Interesting, but dramatic. Just because there have been a couple big names that made bad decisions doesn’t mean the entire category of photojournalism is failing. Just because Arnold does steroids-does that mean we say fuck bodybuilding? A more correct and legitimate criticism is of award organizations. I agree that certain themes win more than others but that’s not because it’s rigged. It’s because certain aspects of life are more gripping than others. Are more visually powerful than others. Photojournalism is the bedrock of photography. To say Fuck It is disrespectful to the people who have died and risked their life for their belief in its merits. If your problem is authenticity, it could be argued photojournalism is the ONLY real form of photography, because literally everything else is staged. It is the very definition of authentic and because it’s not PERFECT doesn’t mean it’s worth throwing away entirely.

Although I disagree with this article in many ways, I sincerely appreciate you writing it and it was extremely thought provoking. Thank you.

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