3 not-so-suckass aspects of Long distance relationships you must know

Number 2 will knock you down.

Not really. Just Buzzfeed-ing my way through.

The dread that follows a long distance relationship is as certain as the stench that follows a smelly fart. And one is forced to think, “how different is a long distance relationship from a fart anyway? They stink and make the ‘significant’ other go away eventually!”

By and large, we live in a world that’s shrinking. The prospect of pursuing anything “abroad” doesn’t come by as news to many. The surprise value is lost. Hence, distances are just as real as WhatsApp stories. It’s shit but it’s there.

What a long distance relationship does is it gives you more than what it takes. Here’s where you stop wailing and get real for a bit:

The ability to calm the fuck down

To make it work, you need to prepare a plan. You start synchronizing dates as per timelines and come what may — plague, tornado or even the Nazis — you want to be there in the said niche where your laptop is, just so that you can see a fat-necked view of your separated half. But what if the internet connection decided to suck nut-sacks on that one day? What if your laptop decides to give in to the sweet, sweet embrace of conking out? 
You sit there, saying to yourself: It’s over. It’s done. She doesn’t love me enough. 
Times like these, you need to calm them ruddy tits and think. Mind you, there are severe implications of overthinking so make sure you avoid it as often as you must. What I mean when I say think is to think of the plausible circumstances that may have obstructed you guys from the decided virtual rendezvous.

The skill to keep it breezy

When the connection comes on, do not go all balls-out yelling about how weird Veronica looked in that hideous green dress. Not quite the thing that needs to travel overseas. Rather share experiences that matter and more importantly LISTEN. 
It is also noticed usually, couples have a fixed time to talk. It does work in some cases. Mostly, it doesn’t. Try this instead: call when you want to and not when you have to. This way you’ll spend more time talking than looking out for things to talk about. And DO NOT go ape shit when the other misses your call. It could be a meeting s/he’s stuck in, could be outdoors chugging beer with friends or simply running temples and crushing candies. Let it happen. At the core of things, you are two individuals. When you start encroaching on that, things go awry.

The Scope of Good hope

A relationship — long distance or not — is nothing if it has nothing to look forward to. If your visualization stops at/right after a session beneath sheets, then you should reconsider the whole shebang. A breakup is the consequence of no evolution. When you have things to look forward to, you make it work. A trip together, a day-out, grape stomping, trek, anything. It could also be any non-cliched activity like gatecrashing a wedding, Bonnie and clyde-ing figs from Aunt Muriel’s backyard, etc. 
The key here is longevity of interest. As long as you have something to await, you would seldom be bored. In the end, we are but hot blooded young adults and sex isn’t enough to vent it out always.

A wise read once suggested, “distance makes the heart grows fonder.”
But in a world so closely connected, how distant are we really?