Krav Maga your way out, like a Boss!

Remember watching the scene from ‘The Expendables’ movie where Jason Statham does some serious ass kicking on the Basketball court?

Sadashiv Mogaveera (right) demonstrating Knife-technique

How on Earth did he do that?” is what you found yourself inquiring. 
 Or let’s bring it home with the absolute delirium you experienced watching the Bong beauty Rani Mukherjee kick some butts on-screen in Mardaani. Time and again, the sheer brutality of those moves got you at the edge of whatever you sat on, and somewhere made you pity the assailant who now wails in pain, lying on the floor.

So, what is this form of fighting, you ask?

It is called Krav Maga.

Krav Maga, in all its elementality, is a ferocious form of martial arts that uses effective combative techniques and tactical self-defense moves. Keeping all the flashy moves out, this form of fighting only aims at attacking the closest weak spot of your opponent. The objective here is to render your opponent compromised so you can get on ahead with whatever it is you were doing before being attacked. This form of martial arts originated in the pre-world war Czechoslovakia when Imi Lichtenfeld, a Jewish athlete felt threatened by the rising virtue of anti-semitism. Imi was a renowned boxer and gymnast. Feeling the need to protect his kin, he put together a group of individuals with the same mindset and synthesized what would later be called Krav Maga.

To help individuals hone the skills needed to defend oneself and others in a time when crime is at an all time high, IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation) takes it on themselves to make this world a safer place. This world wide institution aims at regulating workshops and supervised training under experts. India IKMF intends to spread the art in a country that seems to be in a dire need of it. With the safety of women being a recurrent concern, Indians are on the lookout for a fix that helps them knock down potential threats.

Sadashiv Mogaveera (extreme right) having a light moment at a training centre with Avi Moyal (center) and Sanjay Shetty, Director of IKMF (extreme left).

“The victim’s biggest disadvantage is her oblivion. A big part of Krav Maga training is increasing awareness of one’s surroundings and developing the ability to fend off an attack with relative ease,” says Sadashiv Mogaveera, (Technical director IKMF-INDIA/Director(Maharashtra) at Krav Maga IKMF-India), in a DNA article. He also quotes Imi Lichtenfeld, “The elbow of a baby is stronger than the balls of Muhammad Ali.”

Out of the many self-defensive advantages that Krav Maga renders, there are other benefits you can reap from this style of martial arts. Worried about those extra kilos piling up on your frame which ends up not allowing you to fit into that amazing black shirt or that brilliant red dress? Krav Maga is the solution to your fitness woes too. Helping you to enhance your core strength , Krav Maga is what you need for an all-round development. You need to look badass to be badass.

A regular training day in Bandra, Mumbai.

Many queries lurk in your mind when facing something you haven’t tried before. And that is just the human way of facing the unknown. But here comes the ultimate solution to the most Frequently Asked Question: Krav Maga is not age or class specific. It is a really affordable form of martial arts designed to suit people belonging to every age and economic group. Self defense isn’t a silver spoon owned by the young and the rich, but is the prerogative of every human who wishes to be safe and in prime form.

The fear of being mugged or assaulted should no longer hinder you from going anywhere anytime. Krav Maga exists to ensure a society free of fear. When it’s the goons who need to stay wary of civilians, then it is a society that’s worth living in.

Now is the time to turn the tables over crime.


Think you’ve got what it takes to make your assailant taste some dirt?

You’ve got the digits below. Get dialling.

Contact details : Sadashiv Moghaveera (9892121542): Technical director IKMF-INDIA/Director(Maharashtra) at Krav Maga IKMF-India.

Official website :

Bandra Location:

St. Joseph’s Primary School,

1st Floor, Near St. Peter’s Church,

Off Hill Road, Bandra — West

Mumbai — 400050

Timings: Saturday 7.00 PM — 8.30 PM & Sunday 9.00 AM — 10.30 AM

Vile Parle Location:

St. Joseph Convent High School,

2nd Floor, Opposite Golden Tobacco Co.,

S.V. Road, Vile Parle — West

Mumbai — 400056.

Timings: Monday & Wednesday — 7.00 PM — 8.30 PM

Thane Location:

135/7, SPS House, Kolshet Road, Landmark: Siddheshwar Complex, Mahindra Service Centre,

Thane — West.

Timings: Wednesday & Friday — 7.00 PM — 8.30 PM

Malad Location:

St Mary’s English School, Ground Floor, Chincholi, S. V. Location Road, Malad (West), Mumbai. (15 minute walk from either Malad or Goregaon railway stations), next to “Legacy of Mumbai” restaurant (earlier known as Ramanjaneya)

Time: Tuesday & Thursday — 7.00 PM — 8.30 PM

Pune Location:

5th floor, Navin Hind School premises,

Tadiwala Road — Next to Railway platform no. 6, footover bridge exit, Near Pune railway station,

Tadiwala Road, Pune- 411001.

Wednesday 6.30 PM — 8.00 PM

Sunday 4.30 PM — 6.00 PM

Colaba Location:

Adapt school, Upper Colaba Road, Opp. Afghan Church, Colaba, Mumbai — 400005.

Tuesday & Friday — 7.30 AM to 9:00 AM

Chembur Location:

The Acres Club Lifestyle

411-B , Hemu Kalani Marg,

Chembur, Mumbai- 400071

Saturday 5.00 PM — 6.30 PM

Sunday 11.30 AM — 1.00 PM

Powai Location:

The Square, 1001, 1st Floor, Heera Panna 7 Mall,

Heeranandani Gardens,


Mumbai- 400076

Monday & Friday — 7.15 PM — 8.30 PM