My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

For the very detailed reasons that you say in your article you should not be allowed to drink at all. Blacking out and binge drinking is not a responsible adult thing to do, I am 36 and dont drink much anymore due to the excess that I did in my younger years. You have to look at it this way, until you learn to respect it, anything for that matter, you don’t need it. Drink to enjoy it not get bent and forget what your doing. The criminal charges stemming from what you admit, fake ID’s and underage drinking can damage your adult reputation before you even get your adult life started. You need to get some help soon if you dont you are setting yourself up for a cycle of addiction later in life. Did your parents drink to excess? You grandparents? Alcoholism is a sickness, not a mental state, that can trash your life before you know it. As far as the law goes it does not make sense to prohibit something that a legally defined adult should be able to do. But it wont change until you and your peers make responsible decisions and actions with alcohol. Until then, I will buy you a dink in three years. Cheers.