Content and the Perfectionist

by gavinjgallagher

After posting my first vlog the creativity monster firmly took hold of me and I dived straight into producing the next one. But editing is not as easy as it looks, despite my working late into the night I was not happy with the end result. I felt it was lacking that special something so I hit save and went to bed thinking I could amend or add to it in the morning.

Howeber the next morning I awoke with a clear but alternative strategy — upload immediately. Here it is…


You see the perfectionist in me could have taken a further week of cutting and tweaking minute details but I realise now that no amount of tweaking is ever going to materially alter the end product. Its either a good idea or a bad idea, the execution will not change the overall feeling. So on this occaision “good enough” was good enough. Now if you are a Brain Surgeon or Computer Chip Designer this might not work, those guys are probably aiming for “perfect” which is fine by me but dont let the perfectionist in you cause you to delay publishing your creative work.

And with that I will now publish this...