Dear Black People… Dark Skinned Women Are Not Your Runner Ups.
Angelica Weaver

I fully agree with this perspective of the show. My impression though, was that this scenario was intentional, as to clearly represent the exact phenomena that you described. There are numerous instances that Sam uses her light-skinned privilege and is called out almost immediately by one of the characters(in a few instances by Coco).

I thought it was also intentional to have Sam(as a light-skinned POC) to host the radio show. As someone who’s mixed, it’s almost easier for her to speak out as an advocate for POC, where Coco represents the many dark-skinned POC who, by virtue of being dark-skinned, don’t feel that they have the power to advocate in the same way that a light-skinned POC could.

Either way, it would be interesting if they could have imparted the same analysis while having Coco as the consistently sought after romantic partner, while Sam could have tried to use her privilege to compete with Coco’s confidence and self-assurance?