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Taken on Day 1 of Hyper Island Way Week

After 9 months and 5 modules in my Masters in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island, this is Day 1.

We are now on our own as we set forth to apply these new sets of tools and methods we have learnt through the months. From team and self-management to Design Thinking, from Business to Personal Transformation, it’s exactly how they described it the first day — the intent of the course is to expand the repertoire of tools in our tool box, so that as we continuously manoeuvre in the age of uncertainty, we know which one to call upon to help guide us through the choppy waters.

Before Day 1, there is reflection. We had a very emotionally-charged session last Friday as Jakob rolled out the ‘roll out’ that we were first introduced to in our first week.

9 months before
9 months later

It was an incredible way for us to revisit the entire journey and process that each of us individually went through. While all 23 of us went through the same journey, our individual journeys must have been incredibly different. This came through when each of us were called on to share and reflect on the 2 biggest highlights of the entire journey. It was a very honest, soul-baring session that I was very proud to be a part of .

I have been meaning to restart my blog since I’ve returned to Singapore but have been too lazy and distracted and was always trying to figure out what to write about. Until now — as Jonathan briefed us on our AWBP (Advanced Work-Based Project), he encouraged us to start and maintain a blog to track our progress and true to the Hyper Island way use it as a means to reflect and extract on our learnings and journey. With Medium such a hassle-free and convenient platform for writing, I figured today was a good way to start and here I am!

Before last week, I thought I was going to focus my AWBP on a subject I have been passionate about for a long time — Education and it’s decreasing effectiveness for the Connected Age.

After viewing Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk years ago, I became fascinated by the subject and bought his books wanting to dive deeper into the subject area and as an impending Father to be, felt that education for youths and young children was going to be a subject area very close and relevant for me to focus on for my AWBP.

But let’s face it — i’m talking about tackling an industry format that has existed for centuries and it still isn’t looking like it’s going to change. It’s going to take some ninja-level focus and mad skills to bring this to life. It does seem heartening to know that there really is a very vibrant discussion around the topic — one that I will keep a close eye on as it unfolds amongst the best brains in the business.

Besides this, there was also JabberJit.

Our Startup project which received some really positive reviews and has some incredible promise. Jonathan thinks ‘it would be stupid if we don’t pursue it’ and make it real, and that would take me down a really exciting career trajectory I have always thought of seeking.

But in the end, one key piece of advice seems to be steering me in my choice of subject area. It was incredibly difficult and challenging to balance family, work and school in the past 9 months (dont know how i did it!) and in order for me to give my AWBP the attention it deserves, the advice is for us to very close to work so we can embed it into our daily activities. Having to spend 10 hours at work, 7 hours sleeping and the rest in a tug-of-war between exercise and family is going to be an uphill battle.

In the past week, we at APD have been working and developing a great relationship with GrabTaxi and it has been fascinating to be a part of their extended team on their journey to take GrabTaxi to new heights.

Through the projects with them, it became evident that while they are already in hypergrowth mode, they seem to be faced with the problems of massive scale and want to get there faster.

As argued in the book ‘Crossing the Chasm’ (which Meiling has helped me buy thanks Meiling!), most new technology need to contend with scaling that chasm as it makes the leap from appealing to the Visionaries to the Pragmatists.

As in the case with the iPod, it successfully scaled the chasm through a powerful mix of marketing activities besides an elegant looking piece of technology that worked wonders.

The argument is that in the new age of start-ups rolling out better, faster and cheaper technology to solve needs and serve customers better disrupting markets and industries, there will come a point where it needs to start looking at building an identity for itself to move into the ‘Tornado” and take on “High Street”.

This subject area was inspired by IRA project in the Start-Up module and I found that the more I dove into the topic the more I am fascinated by it. I also think that this journey will also give me great learnings I can bring over to help with JabberJit’s growth once I am done with this AWBP.

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