Social Media Briefing — June 6

Hey, it’s Gavin and below is information I thought you should know about:

  1. IF YOU ONLY WATCH ONE THING: KPCB partner Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends 2016 presentation VIDEO and the actual PRESENTATION so you can follow along. Very much worth the watch. Smartphones flat. Uber up. Internet flat. You get the idea.
  2. Are Jumpwire’s days numbered? I Let a Robot Take Over My Social Media for 48 Hours Probably the most interesting article I read last week.
  3. Instagram’s Switch to Algorithm-Based Feed Now Official — And you should be care because…now you will see your best friend’s content when you look at your feed as the algorithm will know it’s your best friend and that you want to see the latest thing they just ate. It will be sitting waiting for you at the top of your feed. So exciting.
  4. ICYMI — Snapchat May Already Be Bigger Than Twitter, Leaked Data Suggests — 110 million DAILY active users for the Ghost versus the Bird’s approximately 134 million. Snapchat wins though as it has had 65 percent year-over-year over the last eight quarters. Wait, what?
  5. Mark Cuban: The Big Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making on Social Media I dislike click bait intensely but this video has some interesting ideas. Oh, and the big mistake everyone is making, “letting our posts live forever,” says M. Cuban. He makes some good points and pushes some of his new products. Basically, delete everything in the past. Good to know. Thanks Mark.
  6. The Six Qualities of Good Feedback This is a great post on feedback. We use many of the techniques here at Jumpwire. Each of my staff has the ability to give me personal feedback on how I’m doing as the leader of the company during one-on-one meetings I have every 3 months with each person. I ask for feedback on: what I could do to improve the way I conduct myself in meetings, how we could build the processes better, and what they think we could improve the company over all. The personal feedback is really hard to take. Trust me. But I know it’s even harder to give feedback to the boss so there’s that.

Have a great week!

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