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Jekyll is a framework for quickly building static HTML websites that supports SASS, reusable templates, and layouts. It’s built in Ruby and can be extended with third-party plugins and your own code.

Amazon’s AWS offers super-simple, super-cheap, and efficient static website hosting.

CircleCI is a continuous integration platform that can automatically build and deploy your code any time you push out changes to GitHub.

In this post, I’ll talk you through the steps for hosting your static Jekyll website on AWS, and setting it to automatically deploy every time you push changes to your git repo.

Before we get started

This post assumes you already…

One of the great things about Ruby on Rails is its philosophy of Convention over Configuration. Simply put, this means that developers are encouraged to name and organise their code in specific ways, and to stick to these naming principles wherever possible. The benefit of CoC is that developers spend less mental energy trying to make decisions about things like “where should I store my database schema?”, so they can spend more mental energy on building a great product.

In Rails apps, emails are typically sent by a library called ActionMailer. While ActionMailer is an excellent tool for the job, there’s no common convention in the Rails community on how to name mailer classes and methods. …

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It is really laughable to see what different ideas are prominent in various naturalists’ minds, when they speak of ‘species’… It all comes, I believe, from trying to define the indefinable.
-Charles Darwin,
letter to Johnathan Hooker (December 24th, 1856)

One of the ideas that still misdirects thinking in much of the world is Creationism: That life and all of its diversity came into being through a supernatural act of God, rather than through natural forces that are gradually developing over time.

Despite an ever-growing amount of evidence, creationists, under the guise of Intelligent Design, still try to oppose the natural origins of life with specious argumentation. …


Gavin Morrice

Nothing should make sense until everything makes sense

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