Mitch Goldfarb

What you shared here resonates with me, thank you for speaking your truth and sharing these insightful thoughts.

A wise person once told me “The true measure of ones wealth is how much they would be worth if they lost all their money”

When I envision the future I wish to see manifest for humanity, a future where abundance, equality, peace, integrity, and love are the norm and the manifestations of the ego/mind such as fear and greed have no place, I envision a world where one’s wealth and worth in their community/society are defined by the measure of how much they give back to enrich the community/collective of which they are an intrinsic part. In essence I envision a world where one’s “wealth” is measured by their kindness and the love they share with others.

I have observed that in nature it is the creatures who have achieved the most mutually beneficial relationships with their fellow beings that survive and flourish in the long haul. Many humans claim “compassion” is unique to the human race but I sense it in many beings around me. Beings that live in the wilderness are always present in the moment and aware of their surroundings, they embrace the simple joys which come from things like sitting by a babbling brook or watching the grass dance in the wind, things that most humans in the modern world pass by. If we defined wealth by how fulfilling ones existence is, who is more wealthy? The banker in the mansion contemplating his next scheme to gather material things, or the crow on the branch outside who feels the evening breeze and watches the sunset knowing nothing else than that moment.

When humans study the “living molecular machinery” and interconnected dynamics of nature and observe beings that have a “give and take relationship” they call it “symbiosis”. When humans emulate nature to build things they call it “biomimicry”. Perhaps it’s time we take biomimicry a step further and apply the wisdom of symbiosis in nature to our relationships with each other in our human society. Perhaps it’s time to let go of competitiveness, pride and ego and give the most fundamental state of being we are born with a chance to take the drivers seat…love. I feel that if we learn from the ancient wisdom of nature we will see that choosing love, compassion, kindness and cooperation are what will bring us true wealth, happiness, and longevity as individuals and as a species.

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